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The Forest PS4 Cheats

The Forest PS4 Cheats

There have been many of these games in the growing gaming era, which require a lot of skill to play. So many games have a feature to use specific codes to make changes in the game accordingly.

These codes are called cheats by which we can modify the game and make it simple to play. So in this blog, we will give a brief on the Forest game and the cheats codes available in PS4 for it.

The Forest Game

The Forest (2018) is a Horror video game created and published by OneEndnight. This game proved to be very good in business, which has sold 5 million copies so far.

The game begins with Eric LeBlanc and his son Timmy (the game’s character) arriving at an eye-land after a plane crash. Where they are first allowed to do whatever they want freely to save their lives.

The game begins with Eric (the character) searching for his lost son Timmy whom he has seen carrying a red cloth object before fainting. There are many cannibal mutants on that peninsula who live in the villages and caves in the arm.

He saved himself by building himself a home, arranging for food, protecting himself from the wild creatures and cannibals present there, as well as sacrificing his son to revive him. To comprehend how it is done, you’ll need to play, but you should know that there are two endings here and that you choose which finish you prefer.

The Forest PS4 Cheats

These cheats allowed players to stay in the game longer as well as survive. The purpose of cheating is to complete their tasks, protect themselves, and progress in the game.

You can use some cheats directly on the PS4, while others require a connection to a wired keyboard. The cheat menu is the only place to access cheats.

The old fraud will disappear automatically as soon as you enter the new code. This code can also be used during screen share and is also effective.

In this first comes the normal cheats, which are enough for its start, as follows.

Console Cheat Commands

PS4 cheats will not work unless the keyboard connects to a USB; otherwise, they will not work. Now to enable it, go to the settings menu of the game and allow the cheat there. Even without this, the code will not work. The next step is to go to the main title screen for the game and type “developermodeon.” Now to confirm this, players have to confirm by pressing the F1 key if this F lock is on, as well as a box will appear on which they will be able to use cheats by typing.

You can see the cycle of cheats used when Z and up, down, right, left; keys passed down together.

A Few Popular Commands

The following commands are all handy and popular commands that range from changing clothes to reducing difficulties in the game and building houses, breaking down, empowering yourself, and defeating enemies. After activating “developermodeon” by going to the main menu, let’s start it with F1.

Indicator Commands

These commands will help the player learn useful things. If you can turn something on and off, you’ll find both commands here. Players will see commands they don’t know, but they won’t be told anything about them.

Difficulty Commands

With these commands, you can change the game mode and the level of difficulty.

Animal Commands

These commands are especially for the animals in the game.


We have explained everything about “The Forest” and the different types of cheats of this game for PS4. We aimed to give your brief, but please let us know in the comment section if you have any doubts.

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