The Revolution Of Mcommerce (Infographic)

Ecommerce keeps rising and rising. Nobody can deny the fact that shopping online is just so much more convenient than going downtown (especially when it’s freezing) to shop.

However, there is a new and hotter buzzword going around – mobile commerce, or simply mcommerce.
With the huge number of sold tablets and smartphones more and more people buy products on their mobile devices.

In the last days, Apple presented the new iPad mini and the next generation iPad. The big rival Google presented the new Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet. This will, again, boost the sales of mobile devices. The more tablets and smartphones, the more mobile commcerce. Mcommerce is definitely here to stay and will grow rapidly over the next years.

The team of Shopify, an ecommerce shop solution, published a very neat infographic, which visualizes the rise of mcommerce. Check out their findings below!

mcommerce infographic

  1. Sairike says

    “This xmas, 1 in 4 purchases will be made on a mobile device”

    1 in 4 purchases out of all purchases made online, or out of all purchases made? And mobile as in any mobile device, including laptops? Or just smartphones and/or tablets?

    These numbers seem really high but of course it depends on the way you look at them. It cannot be denied of course that this is something that is occuring more and more.

    1. Marc Knoll says

      Hey Sairike! First, thanks for the comment! It is the first one after our launch a couple of days ago!

      Indeed, the data concerns purchases made online, excluding all offline purchases.
      In the online marketing understanding, laptops are considered to be a non-mobile devices, because you don’t have them on you most of the time, like smartphones and tablets.

      Many people haven’t recognized the huge marketing and sales potential of mobile devices, but numbers don’t lie. They will keep getting bigger, that I am sure of!

      1. Someguy says


        So how do you account for tablets that only connect via WiFi?

        1. Marc Knoll says

          Hi someguy, I consider tablets as a mobile device no matter how they connect to the internet. The behavior might be similar to non-mobile devices, but there’s still a significant difference in my opinion. Sitting on the couch with your tablet and shopping on the net actually has a name: couch commerce 🙂

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