The Ultimate Guide to Building a Social Media Account


Social media is huge and so is the industry that allows you to buy and sell existing social media accounts. It takes time to build your social media presence from the ground up, so it makes sense that buying an account can help you get your business going much more quickly. Purchasing the right account is vital, so use the information here to help you do just that.

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Benefits of Buying a Social Media Account

There are lots of great reasons to buy a social media account. Again, it’s important to buy a good account, but once you do, there is a long list of great advantages that you can be a part of for your business. In addition to increased sales, have a look at what else you can likely expect when you create a social media presence for your brand.

  • Access to a wider and more diverse audience – social media is a global endeavor so you can reach potential customers from all over the world when you have a social media platform (or several).
  • Control over what you post – while influencer marketing can be quite lucrative, you don’t have as much control over what gets posted on your social media account. By having one that is all yours, you get to decide what images, text and hashtags are used to engage with your audience.
  • Save on marketing costs – once you’ve purchased a social media account, it costs virtually nothing to use it to advertise goods and services, as well as to engage with your target audience.

Finding Social Media Accounts Online

The trick here is to buy from a company you can count on. For example, FameSwap is a great site for finding Instagram or YouTube accounts available for purchase. So, how do you know that an account is worth buying? Use the following tips to help you.

  • Work with a third-party company – a company that specializes in buying and selling social media accounts helps ensure that you get the most information you can about an account before you decide to buy. Some third-party companies also do a background check on the account, which offers additional peace of mind.
  • Search manually – if you’d rather do the legwork yourself, this is the way to go. The advantage to this is you have more control over the cost because you can negotiate for the price you want to pay. Choose an account that has a high number of followers but has largely been inactive lately. Using popular hashtags is a good way to find an account that works with your business and brand.

Buying Social Media Accounts Safely

When you buy a social media account, it’s important to do so safely. Use these tips to help you.

  • Watch for fake followers – you want to stay away from fake followers. If accounts have a lot of followers, but very few likes on their posts, chances are they are not real. You also want to watch for vague or repetitive comments. There is software that can help you detect a real group of followers from a fake one, so try it out if you need more assurance.
  • Secure payments – you need protection from disputes and the availability of refunds when you buy. PayPal is an example of a good choice.
  • Check analytics – this lets you know if the users of a specific social media platform are in your target audience.
  • Change login information – once you’ve purchased a social media account, change the login credentials so that the previous owner can’t gain access to the account any longer.

Social media accounts make sense for businesses who want to grow a social media presence quickly. You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble when you purchase an existing account. Done correctly, it can have a big impact on your brand and your sales.

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