Parents always notice when a child is not doing well, but they are in no hurry to share the secrets of dealing with it.

Most often, children have difficulties when they fail, something does not work out, they can not cope with it on their own. Therefore, it is necessary to teach the child not to hesitate to ask for help. Even online. Let him simplify his life by using various services for training, for example, essay checker. You can give your child your own example or take it and clearly demonstrate how you get out of a difficult situation for yourself. It is very important that the child feels the support of their parents and knows that you can always be contacted.

Give space for self expression

Even if you have already purchased a desk where your child is studying, then take care of another separate area, free of books and notebooks. It should be a place where the child can freely do what he wants: draw, sculpt, play, fold, etc.

Teach your child to relax

Of course, these techniques are not a panacea for all stress. But in everyday life, they help. It will teach your child to always be positive, good thoughts and feelings. It will teach you how to relax your muscles and not strain yourself. This is really important when a child is faced with small stressful situations.

Teach them to express their emotions and feelings

The child needs to know how he feels. Adults sometimes do not understand what is happening to them, but imagine how difficult it is for a child to deal with the whole emotional cocktail! Therefore, engage with your child in the development of emotional intelligence. The best way to do this is to talk more often. Ask your child how they feel in a particular situation. Talk about your feelings. Even ordinary conversation is sometimes healing.

Record your child to music or dance

Scientists have already proven that music can affect our well-being and heal from stress: fears, depression, bad feelings. By the way, the same applies to adults. In addition, music helps develop memory, and dancing promotes physical development.