Did you know that, as of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide? That equates to about half the population of the whole world! And because you’re going to sell your product online, you will be able to reach this large audience. But the real question now is: how are you going to persuade this online crowd to buy your product? Some may find online selling easy and simple, but only the online sellers know the real struggle. If you want to sell your product online, here are some pointers to get you started.


What do you usually do when you encounter a problem you can’t solve? Yes! You search it up on Google or consult the library for a much more credible source. Basically, you do your own research. The online market is very competitive because your product is competing with other products from all around the globe. Amazon alone has over 350 million products. If your product is commonly used by people, it will almost certainly compete with a million other products. Don’t worry because research will help you stand out.

The most important skill you should develop as you establish your online selling business is the ability to read. Increase your knowledge of your product, how to market it, your target customers, who you compete with, how e-commerce works, successful online business stories, and most especially, all the reviews that will be given by your customers, because that will help you grow. For now, you can research your target market and competitors.

Target Market

It is vital that you know your target customers very well. Do you plan to sell your product to kids? Or to parents? Or grandparents? Do research about them. The focus of an online business is on the customers, not you, and not even your product. What problems do they encounter in their daily lives? After that, you’ll then introduce your product as their lifesaver.

You also need to gather some public information about your target customers, such as email, phone numbers, names, and addresses. This will help you better understand them. You can use a monitoring tool like Spokeo to make this task easier for you.


Your main focus should be on your target customers and how you can satisfy them with your product. Information about your competitors is just additional knowledge and should inspire you to also become successful like them. Their success and negative experiences in online selling should not discourage you but instead challenge you to improve your product. Investigate how your competitors market their products and provide customer service. These factors alone can spark your creativity and provide ideas for a new market strategy.


A business without a plan has no future because nothing will guide the business going there. A business plan sets your short-term goals and long-term goals. It helps you navigate the online world. Like a traditional business that invests in a detailed business plan, you, as a start-up online seller, should also invest time and effort in making one.

Every day, project planning will give you a purpose. For example, you set a short-term goal of 20 sales in a day. That will motivate you to work hard every day to reach that goal. It challenges you and excites you whenever you reach beyond that goal. It is beneficial to the business as well because not reaching your goal will force you to improve your marketing strategy, product development, and customer service.

Create an Online Presence

The first thing to do when you open up your computer to start selling online is to introduce your company and your product. How do you do that? You establish an online presence. Most of your customers use their phones as they browse the internet. They usually hang out on social media, just endlessly scrolling. The challenge now is to create an online presence that will entice them to stop scrolling and click on your Facebook page, Instagram shop, or website. You can simply start on Facebook because 2.91 billion people actively hang out there every month. This is also where you form social connections or business partnerships.

Don’t expect immediate results

On average, businesses profit after 2-3 years of engaging in the market. Manage your expectations so you don’t discourage yourself as a startup in online selling. In your first year of online selling, you will earn just enough to pay for the cost of running your business. If you continue developing your product and improving customer service, then you can start earning a profit after one year. This is why it is important that you are passionate about your online business. In times like small revenues, you can still motivate yourself because you love doing online business. More information can be found here.

Choose your eCommerce platform

You can build your own online shop on a website, Facebook, or Instagram. If you want a shop exclusively for online shopping, then you can set up your shop on an already established online shopping platform. Choose the one that meets your goals and the one you think can really help you grow and develop. For startups, online sellers, an e-commerce platform will introduce you to the online world and lead your target customers to you.