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8 Essential Android Apps You Need in 2023 to Enhance Your Mobile Experience

8 android apps to use in 2023

Android app is a software application that runs on the android platform Because android platform is built for mobile devices.  Android is a mobile operating system based on open-source software . Designed primarily for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets. Android is developed by google. 

Android is a software application that software and applications developers have been able to use android technology.  Android is a powerful operating system that operates many applications in smartphones. Android is basically based on the Java programming language. It supports the Java program. 

There are some android version Android Apps for 2023 


AppDetox is an android application that can block the launch of any application. You can use this application when somebody will continuously use the same site again and again on your phone. Before using this app it will block that site so the person cannot operate that site or page again. This app will secure your personal data. 

How To use this app 

  1. Block Distracting Website : Block Distracting Website is a self controlling app that will control your data and it basically works on Apple products, PC’s ,and Android phones If you uninstall this app it remains working. 
  2. Keep On checking Your Phone : You have to keep on checking your phone because it will wake you up to how many times you check up your phone per day. You can check it from IOS and android phones. 

VANI Dialer

VANI app will basically manage your incoming calls and that feel comfortable and easy with voice commands. You can answer and end the call without touching your device. To use this application you just simply say ‘yes’ if you want to answer a call or say ‘no’ if you don’t want to answer a call. And you can add your custom voice in it. To Get this application go to the google play app and download from there. 

USB Locket

USB Lockit app protects your USB drive with photos, videos, audio, and other files from any malicious data. 

USB Locket for window applications: If you want to install it on your PC or Laptop. Then you need to set the pin-code protection. Once you set up the pin on it then the driver is locked. Nobody can access your data without entering the correct pin on it. 

 If You Forget the PIN-Code then how to reset it

  1. In that case you have to insert the USB device and select the password prompt. 
  2. Choose the recovery key. 
  3. Enter the recovery key and the recovery key ID will appear on the screen. 
  4. Copy it from there and paste the key ID there, then unlock it. 

Split Cloud

Using the Split Cloud application you can share your headphones and listen to two different songs at the same time.  

To use this split cloud application You can directly play music from google drive. In this application log in to google Drive , find the music file there that you want to play and then right click on it. It also supports cloud services like google drive, box and other applications.

It basically split your music into two parts. 

Orange Teal

In this application you can edit your photo and video and you can use this application on instagram also.

Use this filter on camera also using this app orange filter gives the strongest effect then yellow filter. Blue lines will be recorded in a very dark tone. You can edit your photo and video according to you. 

Whats Tool

This tool is for Whatsapp application. This is really a perfect tool. Using this tool you can save the status from it which you want to be. And you can also check the online status from it. And if you want to split the long videos you can use the Whats tool.

You can also directly chat from there. Using this application you can access your Whatsapp from there. 

Unlock Clock

Unlock clock is a live wallpaper ,  by counting and displaying the number of times you unlock your phone in a day.

     We add more functions based on Google Unlock Clock:

  1. Set unlock clock live wallpaper background color.
  2. Set text color.

Steno Notes 

Steno notes is a   lightweight note taking, task list and writing app centered around minimalism to avoid all the unnecessary and distracting. 

And Steno notes are important because it enables them to type faster than the normal typing speed and record the complex conversation. You can also edit, copy and write the text there.

Requirements for Android to run these Applications 

  1. Hardware Requirements: Hardware needs 64- bits required for Android 2.3 x Gingerbread and higher versions and also compile with older versions on 32- bit systems. 
  2. Need at least 250 GB of free disk space to check out the code and extra 150 GB to build. 
  3. 16 GB of available RAM is required , but google will recommend 66 GB. 
  4. Software Requirements: Software is required for the AOSP branch that is traditionally developed and tested on Long Term Support (LTS) . These requirements apply to the AOSP brand for android versions 8.0 ( Oreo) through 5.0 ( Lollipop) and easy installation of all required packages. 

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