Top Best Activities for College Students to Have Some Fun


What’s so special about college? First of all, it is a unique time and a transformative period in the life of a young person. It’s not just the era of piles of books, tests, exams, the constant need to buy an article review or essay, or teamwork projects. College years are also about making life-long friendships, enjoying numerous extracurriculars, discovering new passions, falling in and out of love, and taking part in some cool campus events. In order to make the most of this unique time of your life, we have listed some of the best fun activities for college students that you should put on the list as soon as you cross your alma mater’s threshold.

College Event Ideas to Maximize Fun

Without much ado, let us see the top ways you can boost your college experience and create some memories you will turn to on cold winter days as time passes. So, here are our top personal tried and tested event ideas for college fun!

#1 Join Some Club

Well, why not? After all, you will find no better time in this life than college life for special events like this one. Colleges and universities all over the world provide tons of clubs and organizations within campus that cater to a wide range of interests and passions. Whether you’re a politics fan or a sports machine, there is something up to your demands and preferences. Or, perhaps you are into writing and are on the lookout for like-minded students? Joining the college olympics event, a creative writing group, or a community service organization will help you boost your talents and network like never before.

# 2 Attending Popular Activities on Campus

From lectures on the niches you’re passionate about to music and food festivals and concerts, your college is definitely the place of multiple options. As a rule, colleges, and universities tend to host many different events that are not just entertaining and fun but also offer a unique chance to hone your academic skills in any field of study. Plus, it’s a perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons and engage with the cultures you can’t learn more about otherwise.

#3 Exploring the Outdoors

Many colleges are located in areas with beautiful natural surroundings. Organize hikes, picnics, or simply explore the local parks. It’s a fantastic way to unwind, get some exercise, and appreciate the natural beauty around you.

#4 Volunteering

Giving back to the community not only feels rewarding but also helps you connect with the world around you. Join a volunteering group or participate in organized service projects to make a positive impact on society.

#5 Intramural Sports

It’s okay if you can’t boast of being a strong athlete! Most colleges and universities here and there provide an opportunity to join the so-called intramural sports leagues. This is your ideal chance to stay active and healthy, participate in some sport college event, and bond with fellow students.

#6 Game Nights

Oh, this is one of the most popular fun events in college! Get your friends together and have a board game or video game night. It’s a nice way to relax after long, busy days in college, laugh, eat some junk food, share your thoughts, and build some solid camaraderie. Besides, you all need a stress reliever, and board games are one of the best ways to do that due to some level of friendly competition.

#7. Cooking or Baking Party

One of the most delicious university events ever! Gather some friends and try to joing the gang of those who are passionate about cooking or baking. The best thing about this event if that you are not just making food but sharing experience and the sense of accomplishment that comes with creating something yummy together.

# 8. Themed Costume Parties

If you’re looking for a college event that is always a blast, themed costume parties could be the option. Whether it’s an Italian mafia-themed party or a Brazilian carnival costume contest, it provides an opportunity to showcase your inner creativity and have the times you will never forget.

#9. Exploring Cultural Events

So many students from different countries may attend your college, and college events are often the best opportunity to learn more about the cultures you probably haven’t even heard of. Attend cultural festivals, food fairs, or language exchange events. You will see how interesting different traditions are and make international friends.

#10. Start a Book Club

Well, why not? Reading is always in style, after all! If you’re a reading geek, starting a book club can be a wonderful way to discuss your favorite genres of literature, exchange ideas, and discover new authors. Oh, and make friends, of course!

#11. Art and Craft Workshops

Let your creative juices flow by attending art workshops or DIY crafting sessions. You are surely going to enjoy it and (what is more important!) have some chance to destress and express yourself. Something that stressed and busy students are in need of 24/7.

#12. Fitness Classes

Staying healthy is a must when you are a college or university student. After all, you spend most of your time sitting in class or in a dorm room over piles of books. It’s crucial to move! Most colleges and universities offer a variety of fitness classes. So, you have an opportunity to choose what works best for you – starting from yoga and pilates to spinning and dancing. It’s an excellent way to stay in shape and lose some weight (or, perhaps, gain some?) while having fun and meeting fitness-minded undergrads.

#13. Attending Career Workshops

Now, this is not something fun but rather serious for young ladies and gentlemen. However, attending career workshops can be quite…. engaging and interesting. With tons of valuable insights, networking opportunities, and guidance for your future endeavors, career workshops can make a difference in your professional routine.

#14. Film Screenings & Discussions

Colleges tend to organize film clubs or regular screenings. Afterward, all excited participants can engage in hot debates and discussions about the themes of the films, cinematography, and much more.

#15. Random Acts of Kindness

Make this world a better place by performing random acts of kindness. You can take part in some charity events or do something simple like leaving an uplifting note in a library book. You’re welcome to purchase coffee for a homeless stranger. Not only will you brighten somebody’s day, but you will also realize that you feel better after these deeds.

#16. Open Mic Nights

So, performance is your second name? It’s time to take part in some interactive activities like participating in open mic nights. The event will become an excellent platform for those who would like to showcase talents, such as singing, stand-up comedy, poetry, or any other form of expression.

#17. Language Exchange Groups

Have you been waiting for a perfect moment to learn Korean or French? The time is now! You have a chance to master a new language or boost your proficiency in one by joining a language exchange group. This can be immensely beneficial! What is more, it is a great way to practice with native speakers and make international friends.

#18. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Clubs

Can you boast of having some entrepreneurial spirit? Then, you should definitely join a club focused on innovation and startups. This may be really rewarding for you if you want to succeed in this or that field in the future. It’s an opportunity to network with like-minded college students and potentially turn your business ideas into reality.

FAQs & Tips on How to Pick the Right College Activities

Selecting the most suitable activities in college or university can be the tool to boost your personal growth and experience during your academic years. Below, we provided some simple tips and tricks on how you can make the best decisions when it comes to picking those activities:

  1. Ponder over your interests and passions. What is it that genuinely interests you? Are you passionate about a particular hobby, art, sport, or anything else? Identifying your interests will guide you toward activities that align with your personal preferences.
  2. Be clear about your goals. Take your time to think about what it is that you would like to achieve from participating in activities. Are you looking to make new friends, boost your current skills, develop a specific skill, deal with depression, enhance your health, or contribute to a cause? If you have clear goals, it will be easier for you to choose activities that fulfill your objectives.
  3. Consider your schedule & commitments. It is crucial to be highly realistic about your time constraints. The reality is that balancing work, academics, personal issues, and extracurricular activities is a must. It is highly recommended to give preference to activities that you can really commit to without getting overwhelmed.
  4. Leave your comfort zone. Do that, at least sometimes. While it’s important to engage in activities you’re already familiar with, never hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and try something you haven’t tried before. If you do so, you will be able to encounter some marvelous discoveries and reach personal growth.
  5. Ask for recommendations. You are welcome to talk to your professors, older students, relatives, or academic advisors. Ask them for recommendations on activities that align with your interests and career goals. Those people are there to provide you with some valuable insights and connect you with relevant clubs, groups, organizations, websites, etc.
  6. Check your personal growth. From time to time, you have to make sure to assess how all the fun activities that you have picked are contributing to your personal growth, academic progress, and overall well-being. If you think that some activities do not interest you anymore and do not correspond to your goals or interests, there is nothing wrong with reevaluating and considering some new options.
  7. Changes are good. The truth is that your passions and priorities may change with time. That is why you have to be open to trying new activities as you grow, learn, graduate, and develop throughout your college journey.

As it’s been already said, college is a fantastic time to have fun and try something new. With all the activities listed above, you are sure to find something that is dear to your heart. Do not hesitate to try and say no if something doesn’t align with your passions.

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