5 Top Customer Retention Trends To Follow In 2023


Attracting new customers is impressive, but do you know what the real boast is in modern marketing? Keeping them loyal and returning for more!

In this article, we’re going to share 5 customer retention trends for you to jump on in 2023 and keep those happy customers firmly wedged in your pocket.

1.    Personalisation is everything

In an increasingly impersonal world when the modern consumer is well aware of just how desperate businesses are to grab their attention and bleed them dry, it’s becoming more and more important to provide a personalised, customer-centric experience.

If you truly want to attract and retain loyal customers, you have to demonstrate that you care about them and that you are dedicated to putting their needs first. A great way of doing this is by offering personalised recommendations, customised promotions, and individualised communications (e.g., artificial intelligence customer service chatbots).

2.    Consistent Omni-channel marketing

Once you understand that your prospective customers will interact with your brand across a multitude of different platforms, you recognise the importance of providing a consistent experience across all of them.

Omni-channel marketing is the process of giving each individual a unified experience that will accommodate their needs at each and every stage of the customer journey.

3.    Practice what you preach

Today, it’s almost becoming a running joke that every brand and business pretends to be the fiercest protector of our environment; ally of the LGBTQ community; and saviour of the universe – by sharing the occasional positive social media post when the appropriate event comes around.

If you want to attract a loyal following you have to live by your code and practice what you preach. Don’t just greenwash your business because its good marketing – make a commitment to drive your business towards carbon neutrality.

Talk is cheap.

Additionally, being more active in your community and hosting regular events and fundraisers can be game changing, especially for your SEO. For example, if you do fishing charters and wish to improve your local SEO in Melbourne, you could host a marine conservation event at the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium. Committing to this type of activity will create a positive buzz about your brand both online and offline, thus sending the appropriate signals to Google, often resulting in higher GMB rankings.

4.    Driven by data

Data is a modern marketer’s best friend and if you are able to collect, analyse, and leverage it to your advantage, you’ll have no trouble retaining loyal customers! Why?

Because using data analytics can enable you to study customer behaviour and preferences such as purchase history, website interaction, and social media interactivity, and then personalise their marketing experience accordingly – and with impressive accuracy.

5.    Gamify the experience

Gamification refers to the process of incorporating game-like elements into the customer journey, especially in non-game contexts.

For example, visiting an e-Commerce website and ‘spinning the wheel’ for a chance at discounts or extra prizes. Before the website visitor has even spent a penny they’re already being incentivised to explore further!

Other trends include points, badges, and various rewards thus incentivising customers to further engage with the brand.

Final thoughts

Today, the biggest trends in marketing, loyalty, and customer retention are geared towards providing a superior online experience, offering personalised recommendations and communication, and gamifying the experience to make things more exciting and rewarding.

If you want your customers to keep coming back for more, not only do you need to prove to them that you understand their needs and desires, but that you are committed to accommodating them with a fun and overall positive experience.

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