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 Top Gift Ideas For Practical Dads

Top Gift Ideas For Practical Dads

Parenting is a joy, most of the time. Sure, there are tears and bumps and scrapes, but nothing in life can be as rewarding as raising your children at the end of the day. You’re there with them through all the adversity, challenges, joys and triumphs of their childhood and beyond.

That’s why your parents need your love, appreciation, and to be treated to something nice every once in a while themselves. And with Father’s Day coming up in a few short months, there’s no better time to start plotting how to express your appreciation to the man or men that raised you. But what are the best gifts for a dad who wants nothing?

We’ll share some top tips in this article, focusing on gift ideas for practical, hands-on dads, who don’t believe in arbitrary gift-giving. Read on to discover the best gift ideas for practical dads this year.

A New Toolbox

Practical dads who like to fix things and tinker can have a few essential tools or a whole garage’s worth. That’s why one of the best gift ideas that you can give any non-sentimental dad is the perfect toolbox to house a pristine set of tools.

Chances are, your dad has a toolbox. And chances are it’s nearly as old as he is. Now, men can get quite attached to their toolbox, so try to match your selection with the man if you go with this particular practical gift idea. You can always sneak into the shed or garage for a quick peek at his artillery in order to help you make your final decisions.

A Gift Voucher for a Hardware Store

Nothing beats a gift voucher for dad’s favourite hardware store. For most dads, they’ll be loyal to one brand and only shop there for all their tools, parts, and other bits and bobs. By giving your dad a gift card to this brand, he can choose what he wants, making your gift to him as practical as any gift can really be. Practical men are, after all, very particular about their tools and other belongings, so letting him choose what he wants is a brilliant gift idea.

A Diary/Organiser

If your dad likes to stay precise, organised, and on top of his appointments, you should consider gifting him a diary or an organiser. This would make for the perfect Christmas gift, as no one needs a diary halfway through the year. Your dad can use this particular gift item to jot down all his appointments and other reminders to stay organised, ensuring that he has a scheduling system that works perfectly for him for the rest of the year. A practical dad will absolutely love this as a gift.

An Insulated Travel Mug

Is your practical dad always on the go? If he’s still working, maybe he’s the type of man who spends time on the road. Perhaps he travels to and from activities such as bowls or volunteering if he’s retired. If so, a well-insulated travel mug can be an excellent gift idea for your dad’s next milestone or other celebration. With an insulated travel mug, he can brew a morning cup of coffee or an afternoon cup of tea and take it in the car with him, where it will stay fresh and warm for him wherever he may be travelling to.

A Nice Shower Gift Pack

Practical dads are more likely to shower than take baths. After all, a shower is a more efficient and quicker way of washing yourself. A practical man doesn’t have time or inclination to linger in the bathtub And with Father’s Day coming up in a few short months, there’s no better time to start plotting how to express your appreciation to the man or men that raised you Like promise rings.

So why not grab dad a shower gift pack for his next birthday? You can buy one pre-packed or make it yourself by buying everything separately. It should include some lovely soap or shower gel, some shaving cream, a cleansing puff and maybe even some nice aftershave, so he’s smelling like a million bucks after his shower.

A New Set of BBQ Tools

Chances are, your dad loves to grill. Does he feel most at home behind the BBQ, tongs in hand, some juicy meat frying up nicely before him? If he is grilling on the regular, his BBQ toolset may be worn out, rusted or otherwise in need of replacement.

A brand new set of BBQ tools can be a great gift idea, and a practical dad will definitely appreciate the sentiment. He’ll have to arrange a cookout so he can use them! Or you could beat him to the chase and make his next birthday a cookout so that he can use his new gift straight away!

A New Belt or Tie…or Socks!

There’s nothing more practical than keeping your pants up. If your dad’s old belt looks frayed, worn or faded, then a new leather belt may just make a fantastic gift for him. Get a top-quality one to show you really care, and opt for black or dark brown colours, if your dad is more likely to wear black or dark brown jeans or slacks.

If your dad is already a bit of a belt connoisseur, then you can never go wrong with another evergreen male accessory like the tie. Try to find a tie with a pattern that’s most likely to appeal to your dad.

And what if dad isn’t a tie guy? Well then how about some nice pairs of socks? Socks are so much more than just a quintessential Christmas stocking stuffer. They can also be the ultimate expressive accessory for any dads who are always on the go, or may still be working their 9-to-5 job.

Summing Up

We’ve shared our top gift ideas for practical dads in this helpful article. These can be some great things to give your father if he’s the type of man who’s tricky to buy for. Each of these gifts has a practical application that he will appreciate and use often. And as an added bonus, he may come to think of you fondly whenever he uses that particular gift too!

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