Top 5 Tips and Tricks For Playing Warzone Games Properly!

We know what it feels like to have been doing something a particular way all your life, only to be told you’re doing it the wrong way. In addition to the disappointment, there’s a feeling of frustration with unlearning old habits to learn new ones. If you haven’t fallen into this trap in Warzone, you’d want to avoid it.

Little things like your crosshair placement, aiming techniques, etc., could have something wrong with them. We’ll share 5 tips and tricks that will set you on the right track in your Warzone matches as we progress. More so, get the best undetected warzone hacks to help upgrade your game.

5 Tips and Tricks to play Warzone Properly

Don’t leave your crosshair on the ground or in the sky

If you get caught in an unaware fight, you’ll find yourself struggling to bring your crosshair on an enemy. It gets more difficult if your crosshairs are in the sky or on the floor. In a fast-paced game such as Warzone, you need to make all your actions and movements as quickly as possible.

The best position to leave your crosshair at all times is at the head level. It becomes a lot easier for you to make headshots with the least movement. Even when your target is in motion, you just have to make small movements to the left or right to make a clean shot.

Shooting at the body sucks

Warzone is a fast-paced game, and as such, you’ll need to be as fast as you can. Killing an enemy is a major part of Warzone and every other battle royale game. However, you must learn to do it properly and within the shortest possible time.

You’ll waste a lot of precious time if you just shoot at enemies at any part of their body. If you’re unlucky, another enemy might approach the scene, giving you an extra task. Moreover, you’ll be doing yourself more harm than good if you’re playing Plunder which has a time limit. Leg shots and body shots deal the least damage to your target – the head should be the target.

Don’t abandon your teammates in the Gulag.

A shooter game that allows you to recontinue the same match after death rocks. Thankfully, the Gulag makes provisions for that in Warzone. The only catch in the gulag fight is that both opponents have equal chances as they have the same weapons and opportunities.

If the gulag opponent is more skilled than your teammate, your teammate is more likely to get killed. Notwithstanding, your teammate still has a third chance of returning to the game. However, you’ll need to repurchase them with cash. So, be ready to part with $4,500 instead of losing a useful teammate.

Trade some attachments for others

Warzone allows you to use 5 attachments on any primary weapon. This can be a bit confusing because there are many attachments one can choose from and still get impressive results. First off, you should consider your preferred play style.

If you like shooting from a distance, you’ll need to get some of the best scopes for that purpose. Impressively, Warzone offers the G16 2.5 scope. This attachment gives you a clear vision and is more suitable for mid-range to long-range combats. If your weapon has poor recoil, you should opt for attachments such as the Mercury Silencer and Polymer Grip.

Don’t camp too much

There’s so much emphasis on playing side-by-side with your teammates. This is a good tip, and we recommend it too. However, the whole team could be at risk if they stick too close.

If an opposing team ambushes your team or an enemy launches a grenade at the team, your entire team will be wiped out in a single blow. This leaves the team with no survivor to revive teammates or repurchase them from the gulag.


You probably already know everything you need to know in playing Warzone. The catch is in doing it the right way. The best way to get a quick kill with a gun is by going for the head. To get this right, you must get into the habit of always keeping your crosshair at head level.

In addition to reviving a downed teammate, you can also buy them back from the gulag if they lose. But to make sure there’s a survivor for the revival and buying back, don’t jeopardize the entire team by sticking too close. Lastly, know which attachments must go for others to stay.

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