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You Can Now Have a Twitch Prime Account as Fastest Prime Gaming in 2021

Partners and Affiliates may reward and engage with their most ardent followers using their membership choices. Subscribers have access to unique emotes that can be used throughout Twitch, a subscriber badge (which varies according on how long you’ve been a subscriber if the channel has implemented loyalty badges), and additional advantages like ad-free watching that Partners may activate if they so choose.

The top of the conversation will now include an easy-to-use Share button when you initially subscribe to a channel via Amazon Prime or resubscribe to an existing one. You can press it whenever you’re ready to have a twitch prime account. As long as you’re a subscriber, it’ll remain in your account. Any alerts set up by the Partner or Affiliate will be triggered when you click this button. You may also send a custom message to the broadcaster using this button.

Twitch Prime: What Is It?

Twitch Prime is Amazon Prime-exclusive access to the video-game streaming site Twitch. Twitch Prime offers more games, in-game content, and other benefits to subscribers.

The free Twitch channel subscription that comes with a Prime membership is very useful to many individuals. By purchasing this perk, you’re directly helping your preferred streamer. Plus, you may keep subscribing (for free) as long as your Twitch account is connected to an active Amazon Prime subscription.

Connect your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts

By linking your Amazon Prime and accounts, you’ll be able to get a free Twitch Prime subscription! Go to Amazon Twitch Prime to accomplish this.

Go to the top-right corner of the page and click “Sign In.” Then, enter your Amazon Prime login credentials.

Click “Link Twitch Account” after logging into your Amazon account. A Twitch login screen will appear after that. Once you’ve verified the accounts are connected, go to Twitch to begin using your Prime membership.

Follow a Twitch Streamer: How to Do It

You’re donating $4.99 to a Twitch streamer when you use your Prime membership to subscribe to their channel.

Visit the streamer’s profile and click “Subscribe” at the top of the screen to follow them.

Twitch Prime will ask you if you want to utilise your free monthly membership if this is your first time subscribing to a streamer. By selecting “Yes,” you agree to a one-month free trial of that streamer’s service.

However, you must wait a month after subscribing to a streamer with your Prime membership before you can utilise your free subscription once again. Repeatedly clicking “Subscribe” and selecting “Continue Sub” will create a recurring subscription.

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You’ll be charged $4.99 each month if you decide to make your Prime membership a recurring one. Twitch Prime subscribers must actively re-subscribe to a streamer every 30 days in order to continue using their subscription.

How to View Your Current Subscriptions

Twitch lets you see your subscriptions at any moment. Then click “Subscriptions” under your profile photo in the upper-right corner of the page.

“Subscriptions” displays all of your existing and expired subscriptions, along with their perks, expiry dates, and whether they’re paid or part of Amazon Prime.

How to Resubscribe to a Streamer via Twitch Prime

You must wait one month after subscribing to a streamer using your connected Amazon Prime account before you may do it again.

Click on your Twitch avatar in the upper-right corner and then on “Subscriptions” to see your subscriptions. Current, given, and cancelled subscriptions are shown in a tree-like list.

The “Your Subscriptions” page will list all of your current subscriptions. A Prime membership was used to subscribe to a streamer in the picture below.

Alternatively, you may use your Twitch Prime membership to pay for another subscription when your current one expires if you pay to resubscribe immediately.

Subscribing through Mobile Devices

Twitch’s app for Android and iOS allows you to subscribe and gift subscriptions. For additional information, see the Subscribing on iOS and Subscribing on Android help pages.

As of right now, Amazon Prime memberships cannot be used for subscribing to a Twitch channel through the iOS app. However, Prime memberships may be used on subs. (see below).

Subscribing through

Using, following your favourite streamers has never been simpler on mobile or desktop.

To discover particular streamers, you may use the search bar on, which is available on both mobile and desktop web browsers. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see a list of the Partner and Affiliate broadcasters you’ve already started following. You may subscribe to any of the available channels by clicking on one of the links on the channel’s website.

As soon as you’ve decided on a channel and subscription fee, you’ll be able to utilise your Prime membership or choose a Tier (Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3). You’ll be provided with payment options if you choose a tier. Follow the on-screen steps after selecting your preferred payment option to complete the subscription purchase.

By simply changing “channel” in the following URL with the channel name, Twitch Partners and Affiliates may quickly connect to their subscription page: The streamer may use this link to encourage subscriptions on social media or in other ways. Mobile and desktop users will have no issues using the link at the same time.

Multi-Month Subscriptions

We provide recurring subscriptions with several frequency options. As a default, we charge you each month to maintain your support for the streamer.

Until you choose Don’t Renew Subscription for multi-month memberships, you will be charged every three or six months (depending on the plan you pick). To access this feature, go to your Subscriptions page and click on the settings cog next to the appropriate subscription.

In the subscription window, you may choose how often you want to be charged and then go to checkout as if you were purchasing a regular, monthly membership.

Finally, you can help your favourite Twitch streamers by subscribing. You don’t have to pay anything if you subscribe via Twitch Prime.


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