How to Hear Twitter New Sound Using Mobile App or Desktop

Twitter new sound. Some of us at The Verge have noticed something new about Twitter’s iOS app: when you pull down to refresh your feed, you may hear a few new noises. You’ll hear a short windup trill and a confirmation chirp when the feed has finished refreshing, the former when you first pull the feed. Even though they sound robotic, I’ve never heard anything like it from a real bird before. In order for you to hear exactly what I’m hearing, I recorded what I was saying above. When you refresh, you won’t hear the short “pop” you’re used to.

Twitter new sound

As of Friday afternoon, we’ve noticed a new chirp and have seen a number of tweets about it. We’re not sure when the change went into effect. In the past few weeks, a chirp has been mentioned a few times in tweets, which could indicate that Twitter has been gradually implementing the feature.

This doesn’t appear to be an iOS-specific change. In addition to the chirp I described earlier, I’ve found a few tweets from Android users reporting hearing it as well.

Twitter New Sound

Pulling down to refresh your feed on your phone will allow you to hear the noise. This worked for me, so if you don’t hear it, try force closing and reopening the Twitter app (this is what worked for me). Even if you follow those instructions, the sounds may not be available just yet due to a lack of widespread implementation.

You can now go refresh the app to hear the new sounds once more. And once more. Maybe it’s worth a second try. 

The New Chirp Sound on Twitter’s Mobile App Is My Last Word

According to a report by The Verge, Twitter’s iOS app was making some strange noises while being used on the Blue Bird platform.

Twitter refreshes your feed without a confirmation chirp sound, according to an online news outlet.

Additionally, when Twitter users pull their feed to refresh the endless content, there is a little windup trill sound.

Twitter has not yet made the new sounds available to all users through the Twitter app. As a result, it isn’t clear when the chirping began to appear on the mobile app for the service.

Tweets about these new chirp sounds have been flooding Twitter since Friday, according to The Verge.

Is it possible that a few users have already been given access to the social media giant’s newest novelty feature on its mobile app before it was officially introduced

Twitter New Sound.

How to Hear the Chirp Sound of Twitter

If you’ve never heard these new chirp sounds on Twitter, it’s a simple matter of pressing the “play” button.

On iOS and Android, follow these steps to hear Twitter’s new chirp sound.

Update your Twitter app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store first before giving it a shot. To avoid being let down by the new sounds, force-quit the app and reopen it before listening to them.

Refresh your Twitter feed by dragging it down from the top. The new chirp sound should be heard by then. There is no need to panic if you don’t hear any new sounds coming from your device.

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Twitter New Sound


Q1: How do you make a tweet on Twitter sound?

From the home screen of your Android device, go to the Settings app.

Accessibility -> Audio & On-Screen Text can be found under Accessibility.

Activate or deactivate the Caption options.

Q2: What is the location of Twitter’s display and sound?

You can access your profile by tapping the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose “Settings” then “Privacy.” Tap the Sound and display tab.

Q3: Is there a way to silence the sound of Twitter’s refreshes?

“Settings and privacy” has a “General” section at the bottom of the page. “Display and sound” can be tapped. Locate the “Sound Effects” setting in “Display and sound,” and turn it off or uncheck it (on Android)

Q4: What does twitter sound like?

It’s time to scream! Birds chirp in a staccato, musical fashion when they twitter. This sound can also be referred to as a twitter. The word is sometimes used to describe the sound made by people who are chatting.

Q5: Why am I unable to hear anything when tweeting?

Twitter’s cache and cookies can sometimes cause problems with video and sound on the site. Clear the cookies and then restart your browser.

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