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Want to Get Rid of Discord? Learn How to Uninstall Discord on Any Device!

Uninstall Cache from Discord

For gamers, Discord is a fantastic social app. Joining different groups and channels gives you the opportunity to meet other gamers who are equally invested in certain games.

Uninstalling the app will be beneficial if you seldom use Discord or if you chose to change platforms. Once you stop using a software, you must get rid of it, because you won’t want it anymore.

While users have tried to uninstall discord on any device, multiple attempts of have failed to remove the application, which elicited many complaints. Many times, Discord is uninstalled from a PC, but it stays in some unknown place on the computer. In the event that users attempt to remove Discord, the PC refuses, saying that the file is no longer in that place.

Use this guide if you’re in the similar situation. Solve this issue using the following answers and you should be able to quickly get an answer and uninstall discord on any device

When Might People Face Troubles Removing Discord

During the removal, it is vital to adopt a correct approach with full stages in order to prevent these possible issues. If you’d like, please have a look at these instructions to help you get started.

Remove Discord From Windows

You can also check this video tutorial below

Delete the Discord Cache

The error notice sometimes contains valuable information Since a folder or a file in it is open in another application, the action can’t be performed. Resolving this issue is as simple as opening the Task Manager and terminating any file/folder processes associated with Discord.

Also, you’ll find out more about removing the Discord Cache in our Article, “How to Clear Cache Data on Discord

Delete Discord From the Registry

It’s time to erase all Discord keys from your registry after deleting the Discord cache.


System File Checker is a handy built-in tool for automatically scanning and repairing your system files by Windows 10 users.

Type the sfc/scannow command and press Enter to execute SFC, start Command Prompt as Admin.

Auto-run Disable Discord

If you do not want Discord to start immediately when you activate your device, you must deactivate the startup option. This is how it’s done:

The Discord app also allows you to deactivate the auto-run option. This is how it’s done:

That’s about it.

The next time your PC is turned on, Discord will not be launched automatically.

How to Uninstall Mac Discord

How to remove Discord on your Mac is here. Before you delete the programme, make sure it doesn’t run in the background since the removal procedure may slow down.

You haven’t finished yet. Once you have deleted Discord, any remaining cache or files must also be deleted. This is how it’s done:

If you discover any Discord folders, exactly like the Discord programme, click them and drag them to the trash.

Use Software for Uninstallation

You may utilise uninstaller programme if Discord is not yet deleted. This work has a lot of software.

It is simple to install and use and will erase all the disc files on your computer.

We recommend using the IOBit Uninstaller programme to delete Discord or any other application. You can remove any programme using IOBit Uninstaller software from your PC instantly.

How to Uninstall Discord on an Android Device

You may remove Discord from your Android smartphone in a few ways. Settings is the first approach. Follow the following steps to find out how:

Another method you may remove applications in your Google Play store on your Android smartphone. Here’s how this is accomplished:

No matter whatever technique you choose; you’ll be done in any manner in a few seconds.

How to Uninstall Discord on iPhone/iPad

If you want to remove Discord from your iPhone/iPad device, here is the simplest method you may do it:

To remove Discord from your iPhone permanently, follow the instructions below:

Discord will vanish from your screen in a couple of seconds. If you want to reinstall the app at any time, you will need to go to the App Store to download it again.



Discord cannot be uninstalled due to damaged registry data, virus infestation, etc.

This article provides you with ways to fix this issue and to uninstall discord from different devices entirely. You also know how to deactivate the auto-run function of Discord.

Have you already removed Discord? Have you used any of the techniques mentioned here? In the comments box below, let us know.

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