You can easily get multiple words from the same letters combination. This trick is at the heart of many games with words. You may have played such games as a child, they train logic and creative thinking. But now there are special smart algorithms that can compose and solve any anagram for you. For example, if you enter a given set of letters, you will get all possible variations that are listed in a database of a particular service. Any word unscrambler tool is a funny and useful way to expand your imagination and vocabulary.

Thus, the next time you play Scrabble with friends or another similar game connected with anagrams and word puzzles, you can check these services to solve any quiz. Let’s take a closer look at what an anagram is at its core, how the services for word unscrambling work, and why these tools might be useful to you at all.

All you need to know about anagrams 

And if you have ever read books about spies or detectives you are faced with anagrams. In fact, anagrams in simple words is a technique of rearranging the letters or sounds of a certain word, resulting in a completely different word or phrase. There are several examples:

  • There is, for example, an anagram for a certain word. Each word consists of a set of letters. At the same time, there are possibly still other words that can be obtained by rearranging the letters in the original given word. To solve this logical task, one cannot delete and exclude certain letters from the original word.


  • There are anagrams for certain letters. And this is the meaning of the popular game Scrabble. A player needs to make up words from a chaotic set of letters that actually exists in a language, for example, in English. Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to do this, however, smart services probably know more words. Therefore, if you can’t manage to come up with a word that has meaning from a set of letters, you can use an automated solution.

And to make it clearer for you, let’s look at examples of anagrams. 

For example, we have such a set of letters: 


From these letters we can get the following words that exist and have meanings in English:

aberrant, urbanest, ramenta, rabbet, carate, etc. 

Obviously, it’s not all words that can include the listed letters. It’s a task for a computer or smart algorithms to solve this puzzle. The system can show you a myriad of options. Let’s review how these systems and algorithms work. 

How to unscramble these letters

Let’s take a look at how you can decipher a message from a set of letters and turn them into different words and combinations. To do this, we compared several services to understand the basic principles of their operation.

  • Firstly, the anagram services work instantly. In a few seconds, you will have numerous existing word variations. Unfortunately, if you try to do this with your brain, it will take much more time to solve these puzzling tasks. Therefore, in such situations it is easier to use the ideal and simple automatic tools.


  • In addition to it, services like this are often free. Often, apart from this function, you can find other paid features on these helpful sites. Therefore, the creators of such free words unscrambler use this opportunity to attract users to some other paid instruments.


  • Most conveniently, you do not need to enter your personal data. For example, most unscramblers work without emails, phones, social media signs in, and so on. Also, you will not need to download anything additional to your computer. Most often this is a website that has a specific database of words. These can be words in different languages. Therefore, when looking for such services, make sure that it includes English (or any other language you need). 

Let’s look at a certain sequence of actions that you have to perform when you need to get tonnes of word ideas from a set of letters. It’s impossible that you can guess all of them yourself. 

  • Select the letters you need in a word. You will need to insert these letters into a line by typing in a specific service input bar.


  • Adjust filters. Advanced services allow you not only to get combinations of words from letters, but also exclude or include certain characteristics. For example, you can indicate that you only need words with a certain suffix. It’s possible to include as well as exclude certain letters. Also, some services make it available that you can look at the interpretation of a word if you do not know it.


  • Then you just have to click on one button in order to get all possible combinations – the results will be performed as words. You will see how the service will offer you options consisting of a certain number of letters. For example, if you have selected six letters, it will show you the words consisting of eight, seven, and fewer letters. There will be words that include the letters you have chosen, but all with fewer letters. You can use the results as you like. It is very convenient and takes a few seconds.

For instance, if you are playing a game and you need to form a word from the following letters:


You just need to enter them in any free service and you will get such possible variations:

Words of 6 letters: boughs, jumbos, bijoux

Words of 5 letters: hobby, banjo, jouks

Words of 4 letters: jack, haji, bush

Words of 3 letters: jog, hue, hub 

Why may you need to unscramble letters? 

  • Play online games and quizzes

If you like intellectual games and logical games with words online or offline, these services will help you in the best possible way. You will learn many more words than you could possibly imagine or than your friends can guess. Therefore, if you get some clever combination in the game, do not rush to think that such words do not exist. See the definitions and you will learn much more than you think.

  • For naming and branding

If you are running a business or thinking about how to name a certain brand or company, these services will help you instantly. For example, you can enter as letters the initial letters or letters that are included in the name and the surname of the creators or other important names for the company. The service will offer you a bunch of words from which you can choose the most euphonious and appropriate meaning. So take a look before you choose a name for a company or startup.

  • For creating poetry and texts

In case you love poetry or writing, then such a service will help you hide entire messages in your copy. Perhaps you might not even have guessed the existence of some words, but thanks to technology, you will explore many more words. For instance, you can also enter the letters from which you want words in your poems. Pick the most unobvious words to make your writing creative. Further, you can use services to find rhymes. 

  • For boosting your creative imagination

Such games with letters and words perfectly develop logic and imagination. It’s a fun way to learn the language because when you enter certain letters and see not familiar words, you will probably want to know their meaning.