Valorant: Characters Guide and Their Abilities Explained!


Agents in Valorant know that duelists are tough and good at fighting up close. They also like making trouble. These spies know how to get their team through doors and open them for them. Here are some well-known Duelists and what they are good at:

Agents and Their Abilities in Valorant


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The Breach is a strong trigger agent whose job is to annoy and stop enemies. His skills include Flashpoint, which blinds and confuses enemies, Fault Line, which stuns enemies with an earthquake blast, Aftershock, which damages and clears out enemy places, and Rolling Thunder, which sends out a number of powerful earthquakes.


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Brimstone works for the boss as a spy. His job is to get in the way and help his team. His skills include Incendiary, which sends out a fire grenade to stop an enemy, Stim Beacon, which is a device that lets allies shoot faster and reload faster, Sky Smoke, which lets him cover areas with smokescreens, and Orbital Strike, which is his ultimate and sends out a powerful laser beam onto the battlefield.


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Cypher is a guard spy who is very good at gathering information and setting up traps. His skills include Trapwire, which is a tripwire that slows enemies and shows where they are, Cyber Cage, which also slows and shows where enemies are, Spycam, which is a camera that can be used to find out where enemies are, and Neural Theft, which is his ultimate and shows where all enemy players are.


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Jett is a spy who is known for how easily and quickly she can change her plans. Cloudburst sends out a cloud of smoke that makes it hard to see, Updraft is a short-range dash that lets her get to higher places quickly, Tailwind is a longer-range dash that lets her move quickly, and Blade Storm is her ultimate ability, which gives her deadly throwing knives.


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Killjoy works as a guard. His job is to keep people out of a place and keep it safe. Alarmbot is a robot that looks for danger and blows itself up when it finds it. When an enemy gets close enough, a turret is a gun that fires instantly. Nanoswarm is a gadget that can be thrown and causes damage by sending out nanobots. Lockdown is her strongest ability. It has a device that stuns enemies that get too close and shows them.


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Omen is a strong force that can move things and help in other ways. His skills include Shrouded Step, which lets him move quickly by teleporting, Paranoia, which throws a dark projectile at enemies, Dark Cover, which makes smoke screens, and From the Shadows, which is his ultimate and lets him teleport anywhere on the map.


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Phoenix is a duelist player who likes to keep busy and take care of himself. His skills include Curveball, a flashbang that can be bent to blind enemies, Blaze, which creates a wall of fire to block the view and heal Phoenix, Hot Hands, a fireball that hurts enemies and heals Phoenix, and Run It Back, his ultimate, which lets him respawn at his original spot after he dies.


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Raze is a spy and a fighter. He uses bombs to do a lot of damage and mess up places where his enemies are. Her abilities include Blast Pack, which is a throwable explosive that hurts and moves enemies, Paint Shells, which is a cluster grenade that damages an area, Showstopper, which is a rocket launcher that can kill enemies, and her last ability, which gives her a cluster grenade launcher.


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Reyna is both a spy and a fighter. She kills people to keep herself living and get better at what she does. Her abilities include Leer, an orb that looks like an eye and blinds enemies, Devour, which lets her eat the soul orbs of enemies she kills to heal herself, Dismiss, which makes her invulnerable for a short time, and Empress, which boosts her abilities, increases her fire rate and reload speed, and resets the length of her healing and invulnerability abilities after each kill.


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Sage is a good helper who is good at solving things and giving her team the tools they need to stay safe. Her skills include Healing Orb, which lets her heal herself or her allies, Barrier Orb, which makes a wall that stops enemy movement and gunfire, Slow Orb, which slows down enemies in a certain area, and Resurrection, which brings a fallen teammate back into the round.


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Skye is a new spy who can move around quietly and figure out how to use things. Her skills include Guiding Light, which lets her send out a bird like a hawk to find enemies, Trailblazer, which lets her control a Tasmanian tiger to stop and hurt enemies, Regrowth, which heals herself and close friends, and Seekers, which sends out hunters to find and close in on enemies.


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Sova is a new spy who knows how to look around and block entry to a place. His skills include Recon Bolt, an arrow that shows enemies in its line of sight, Shock Bolt, a bow that shoots explosive arrows, Owl Drone, a controlled drone that can show and tag enemies, and Hunter’s Fury, which sends out a series of dangerous energy blasts.


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Viper is a master agent who makes dangerous zones to control and hurt enemies. Her skills include Poison Cloud, which is a gas generator that makes a poisonous cloud, Snake Bite, which is a rocket that shoots acid, Toxic Screen, which is a wall of poisonous gas, and Viper’s Pit, which is her ultimate and makes a large poisonous area where she gets more power.


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Yoru is a duelist spy who is good at lying and getting into places without being seen. His skills include Fakeout, which lets him make fake footsteps to trick enemies, Blindside, which lets him throw a flashbang through walls, Gatecrash, which lets him teleport to set up attacks, and Dimensional Drift, which is his ultimate and makes him invisible and invulnerable while letting him see the map.


You can quickly learn about each Valorant figure and what they can do by reading their bios. It’s important to know that methods and styles of play can change a lot depending on how good each player is and how the team is put together. Valorant can be fun and rewarding if you try out different agents and find the ones that fit the way you like to play. To read more content like this, visit

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