How to enable the newest and the best virtual effects for google meet 2021


In the year 2020, Google Meet had 3 million daily virtual users when it was at its most popular. Zoom’s privacy crisis contributed in part to the rise in the company’s user base. Google, on the other hand, has just added new special elements to Google Meet to spice things up even more.

In order to jazz up your Online Meet experience, we have a list of fantastic Chrome extensions for those who desire something a little more daring. We’ve also spoken about Google’s upcoming 2021 upgrade, which includes some very cool new “styles,” “filters,” and “backgrounds.”

What Can We Expect From Google Meet in Terms of Visual Effects?

Inquiring minds may wonder what these artificially manufactured effects are. As opposed to this, the visual effects used by Google Meet refer to the many Google Chrome Web Market masks and effects add-ons.


When everything is done online these days, from work meetings to school sessions, it might become a little boring… To help break up the monotony of online interactions, such special elements and masks are used by nearly 100 million individuals every day.

The Gmail Meeting app and website do longer have any built-in functionality. Others have produced Google Meeting special elements that can be accessed by installing an extension made by those other developers.

Using Google Meet to Add Visual Effects

Easily add the Google Extension to your browser.

Virtual conference rooms have become popular among those who don’t want to take the risk of meeting in person. In-app modifications are available in certain meeting rooms, such as Zoom’s option to modify your virtual backdrop without installing a real green screen. Unlike Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Google, however, does not permit modifications independently.

Chrome Web Store has extensions that let you add visual effects to your virtual conference rooms, so it’s not all bad. Visual Effects is one such feature that lets you employ various real time effects. Adding visual elements to virtual meeting rooms might help you stand out from the competition. You may utilise it to make a statement more obvious while also emphasising something else. Other applications include being imaginative, amusing others, and improving the quality of virtual meetings.

Visual Effects Extension In-Depth Information

This browser add-on enables a slew of cool features. You may use it in real time with Google Meet. The add-on may be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store. It is also virus-free and totally safe. Even while this add-on works in other browsers like Firefox and Microsoft Internet explorer, you’ll get the greatest results if you use Chrome.


Because no personal data will be gathered, saved, or used in ways that you are not aware of, installing this extension will never put your privacy at risk. There are, however, a few hiccups for Windows users, but on the whole, it’s a great operating system.

How to Enable VFX For Google Meet in Simple Steps

Prior to installing the add-on, you’ll need to get it from the Chrome Browser by clicking here. Simple. Just put “visual effect” into the search bar, and then click “Go.” It’s really that simple. Alternatively, you might choose with the extension that has the most positive reviews. Click “Add” and then “Add extension” in the confirmation pop-up box to add an extension.

Go to the official Google Meet website right now on your browser in your phone or tablet! Once you’ve done that, you’ll be prompted to allow Google Meet access to your camera and microphone.

Follow the on-screen instructions by clicking “take part” or entering your email address in the space provided. Additionally, you have the option to begin a brand-new meeting. Expansion toolbar appears when entering conference room on left side. Hover over an option to see more alternatives, and then choose one.

The Google Meet add-on allows you to use three dimensional effects when using it. This can only work if your camera is switched on, so make absolutely sure that you have given your camera the rights it needs before doing this.

Google’s Visual Effects Extension Meets the Chrome Browser

Special Effects Google Meeting has less options compared to the other add-ons. Only firework, dog ears, black-and-white contrast, and several AR filters are available on this camera. You may decorate your window with pyrotechnics and brown tabby ears and snout using the firework and dog ears features, respectively. To top it all off, the monochrome contrast option turns your window completely dark, making for an intriguing encounter.


The AR Filter is the most often used feature, aside from the 3 previously stated functions. Additionally, users may utilise AR filters to add sunglasses or a party hat to their photos, depending on their mood or whether they’re visiting a digital birthday party. Filters such as this are often seen in less formal contexts.

Button for Google+ Meetups

When attending a Google Meet, people may utilise the Party Button to have a good time and celebrate. You may generate a celebration impact just on G Meet display to commemorate a significant achievement, such as the signing of a contract or the acquisition of a new client.

Google Meet Part Button provides joyful moments and celebrations digitally even if many have been confined to our homes because of the epidemic. Just use Party icon to celebrate important triumphs and successes instead of waiting for cocktail hour just at pub as in the old days.

The main feature is that it gives the screen the appearance of being covered with confetti, which is a highly eye-catching effect. In a way, it’s like a digital party popper. This effect is popular among users since they may apply it on the spur of the moment to commemorate a good occasion.

Google Meets: How to Use a Virtual Background

You may personalise your desktop wallpaper by creating a virtual one of your own. To accomplish this, click “upload backdrop” and choose your favourite picture from the internet. To use the backdrop, check the “green screen” effect box.


There are two options: “default” or “virtual” depending on whether or not you have an actual green screen. To make the transition to a new effect go more smoothly, use the pro-tip of deselecting any previously applied effects.

When Utilising Google Meet’s Visual Effects, Keep These Things in Mind.

If you like using these amazing features, remember that you created them primarily to make your virtual conference room appear better. When employing special elements in G Meet, here are some points to bear in mind.

You have to make use of it whenever the situation calls for it. To lighten the atmosphere and make the group more engaging, bring a range of filters to informal meetings. Never utilise too many results, especially the facial filters, during business meetings.


Avoid upsetting co-workers or worse, getting called out for improper behaviour in the workplace or in class by maintaining a nice demeanour by employing suitable impacts

Final Comments on the Visual Effects From Google Meet

Adding special elements to your G Meet is as simple as downloading a free Chrome Web Store extension. From changing your virtual background to establishing the tone for your virtual gatherings, everything is possible with its wide range of attainable outcomes. It’s only important to utilise it when it’s absolutely required in order to get the most out of its influence on your abilities. Maintaining professionalism is essential even during mock meetings.


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