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 Everything You Need to Know About the Vivo X80 Pro

Everything You Need to Know About the Vivo X80 Pro

The Vivo X80 Pro. In terms of hardware and camera, the Vivo X80 Pro is a fantastic phone, and with any other Android skin it would be the best.


  • (Maybe) top-of-the-line camera
  • Wireless and wired charging is fast and convenient.
  • Water-resistance rating of IP68
  • It has a long battery life


  • Camera design that seems awkward.
  • There is no Gorilla Glass.
  • Infuriating computer programmes

Vivo X80 Pro

Our Verdict

With a gorgeous screen, long-lasting battery, and one of the greatest cameras in a phone right now, the Vivo X80 Pro is an incredible device. The only reason to go elsewhere is because the software is clumsy, awkward, and full of bloatware. Hardware of this kind deserves a higher standard of care.

How Much it Costs

It cost $821 when I checked. Last year, the X70 Pro+ was widely regarded as one of the best camera phones on the market, if not the best. Vivo’s flagship phones have slowly built up a reputation for exceptional camera performance.

The X80 Pro must now fill the void left by the absence of the X80 Pro+. While the X70 Pro+’s camera system is strikingly similar, there are a few important improvements made — especially to the company’s hallmark gimbal stabilisation mechanism.

Adding faster charging and a new chipset to the X80 Pro makes it a good successor if not a significant improvement. It is an outstanding Android flagship by any standard.

Build and design

  • Intriguing and huge camera module
  • Exceptional frosted glass IP68 rating
  • Vivo X80 Pro appears like any other high-end Android flagship device from the front. With a 6.78-inch display, a central punch-hole selfie camera, and sloping, curving screen edges, it’s a massive slab.
  • Even while it isn’t the thinnest phone on the market (at 9.1mm), the rounded corners give it an air of slenderness. However, at 219g, it isn’t light, but most smartphones of this size are still a bit heavier.
  • It’s a little more strange from the rear, though. That’s largely due to the phone’s camera module, which houses three of the four rear lenses in a circle, while the fourth sits below them in a bigger, mirrored rectangle that spans the phone’s back.
  • This isn’t a completely novel concept, but it does look a little weird, especially the way the periscope lens appears to have been thrown in haphazardly underneath the other cameras. Even so, it’s an anomaly, and the wide module has the virtue of preventing the phone from swaying side to side when it’s lying on its back.

Vivo X80 Pro

Aural and visual

Massive 120Hz LTPO and QHD+ resolution Stereo speakers on a 6.78in screen. The X80 Pro’s display is one of the most obvious signs that it’s a direct successor to the X70 Pro+, rather than the ordinary X70 Pro. If that’s not enough to convince you, its display is so impressive that it’s hard to argue against it. At 6.78 inches, this is a large screen, as previously stated. More detailed than even many flagships thanks to its 1440p QHD+ resolution. Refresh rate may be scaled from 1Hz to 120Hz to save on battery life, thanks to LTPO 3.0 display technology. Those are merely numbers on a screen; what matters is how appealing it is to look at. It’s bright, vibrant, and colourful, and even pleasant to use in bright sunlight. I don’t think anyone will have a problem with this screen as long as the extra-large size appeals to them.

Specifications and results

  • The top-of-the-line Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.
  • RAM of 12 GB and storage of 256 GB
  • Effortless operation
  • Another area where there is absolutely no space for complaint is core performance.
  • An 8 Gen 1 Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm powers the X80 Pro’s global edition (the slightly faster 8+ Gen 1 has just just been announced, and has not yet made it into actual smartphones), making it the most powerful Snapdragon chip on the market at the moment.
  • There is no way to expand the storage or RAM on this device, which has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of non-expandable storage.
  • Even though the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chip is only available in one version for the international debut, there are different RAM and storage options available in China.

Vivo X80 Pro


Q1: Does vivo X80 feature a gimbal?

An eight-megapixel Periscope camera, a 12-megapixel Gimbal portrait camera, and a 12-megapixel ultra-sensitive GNV camera are all included in the X80 Pro’s four camera setup on the back. The front-facing camera has a resolution of 32 MP.

Q2: Will there be a Vivo X80 Pro+?

A more powerful X80 Pro+ is coming later this year, while the X80 and X80 Pro have already been announced in China.

Q3: When will the Vivo X80 be available?

The date is May 18, 2022. The X80 5G is the latest addition to the company’s high-end product line. The 6.78-inch AMOLED screen on Vivo’s newest premium phone features Full HD+ resolution at 1080×2400 pixels.

Q4: How many cameras are there in Vivo X80?

The Vivo 80 Pro has a quad camera module on the back, whilst the X80 has three cameras on the back. The Android 12 operating system is supported by both smartphones.

Q5: Which samsung phone will be released in 2022?

Apple and Google are expected to unveil their latest products later this year, including Samsung’s Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4. We may anticipate to see the following phones in 2022, no matter when they are released.

Q6: What is the best 2022 phone?

  • Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a premium smartphone from the Korean manufacturer.
  • The Mi 11 Ultra from Xiaomi.
  • The Vivo X70 Pro Plus.
  • The new Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • A more powerful version of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone XS Max.
  • Apple 13-inch iPhone
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