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WatchOS 9 beta 4 Now Available to Developers: Top Features Unleashed

WatchOS 9 beta 4

WatchOS 9 beta 4 has arrived. To keep testing new features for Apple’s Watches, the company has released a new build to developers following the third seed of this upcoming operating system, and just a few weeks after its public beta. 20R5332g is the weight of the current build. For the first time in years, beta testers of watchOS 9 will be able to use the new features before everyone else.


The beta version of watchOS 9 also includes a major overhaul of the Workout app, which includes a slew of new features for those who enjoy working out. A new Workout Views feature for runners allows them to see a plethora of metrics while they’re out for a run by simply turning the Digital Crown.

The sound of activity fills the air.

Asideloading an update to Apple Watch on an iPhone or iPad running the latest iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 developer beta is simple.

How to install watchOS 9 beta 4 update

To begin, go to the Apple Developer Program website and create an account.

Go to the downloads, then.

Take a look at the watchOS 9 beta 4 featured downloads. Afterwards, press the “Download” option.

Now that you’ve installed the watchOS 9 beta 4 profile on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Profiles and authorise the profile.

Restart your iPhone now.

Before you install it on your Apple Watch, here are a few things to look out for.


Make sure your Apple Watch is at least 50% charged and connected to the charger before you begin using it for the first time.

Check to see if Wi-Fi is active on your iPhone.

Verify that iOS 16 is installed on your iPhone.

How do I install the watchOS 9 Dev Beta 4 Update on my device?

The first step is to open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and begin.


WatchOS 9 beta testers can now take advantage of improvements to Apple’s Sleep app. Medications, a new app that helps you keep track of all the pills and vitamins that you take every day, has been added.

Apple is also seeding iOS 16 beta 4, iPad OS 16 beta 4, macOS 13 Ventura beta 4, and tvOS 16 beta 4 alongside watchOS 9 beta 4. Let us know if you notice any changes in watchOS 9 beta 4 or the other betas released by Apple today. Keep an eye out for our in-depth, first-hand reports.

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Q1: When will watchOS 9 be released?

At WWDC 2022, Apple unveiled watchOS 9, as expected. In spite of the fact that the software won’t be officially available to the general public until later this year, it’s expected that the developer beta will be made available shortly after the keynote.

Q2: Is the watchOS public beta available?

It’s July, and the public beta of watchOS 9 has finally been released. Apple is seeding the first version of Apple Watch’s upcoming features, which will be available in a few months, to the general public after three betas for developers only. To get started, follow these steps.

Q3: Is there a way to install the beta version of watchOS?

Take a look at the settings menu on your Apple Watch.

To switch to the General menu, click it.

To get the most recent version of your software, click on the Update button

When you’re done, press the Install button.

Tap the OK button.

On your iPhone, open the Watch app and begin using it.

While using your iPhone, agree to the terms and conditions.

Q4: How secure is the watchOS beta?

WatchOS 9 should not be installed on a primary Apple Watch at this early stage because the software may be unstable and rife with bugs. While watchOS 9 is currently being tested by developers, a public beta will be released later this summer, and it will be released alongside new Apple Watch models in September.

Q5: How do I get a beta version of the watchOS 9?

After installing iOS 16 public beta on your iPhone, you’ll have access to the watchOS 9 update. If you haven’t already done so, go to Apple’s beta software website and download the proper watchOS 9 profile before continuing.

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