How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram: A Guide


On Instagram, you most probably want your followers list to be ever-expanding. So if you see some people unfollowing you, you want to learn what is wrong. One way to determine why people are unfollowing is to know who is unfollowing. But, like most social media platforms, Instagram won’t tell who unfollowed you. Luckily, there are some ways to see which of your former Instagram followers decided to leave, from using a pro private Instagram viewer to regular manual checking.

1.  How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram Without an App? Check Manually!

See who has unfollowed you by checking who is following you and clicking on your followers count. If you have a small account and know everyone following you, you may spot who is no longer there. On the other hand, if you have access to an old follower list, compare it to the more recent one. However, most people do not know every Instagram follower they have or have follower lists saved.

Do You Get a Notification If Someone Unfollows?

Like most platforms, Instagram does not notify you if someone unfollows you. You may notice it if your follower count has dropped. We suppose this is because Instagram wants someone to unfollow without worrying. However, there are times when seeing who unfollowed you will help you know your audience’s needs. Luckily, there are third-party apps that will help you with this, as we’ll discuss later.

2.  How to See People Who Unfollowed You on Instagram? Check Their Followers List!

If you’re unsure if a person is following you, one way to make sure is to look at their follower list and see if your account is there. Of course, it can be challenging if they are following many people. Sometimes, your account will be shown at the top, but if it isn’t, you will have to do some scrolling. Or use a third-party app.

How to Keep Track of Your Followers

Instagram does have its analytics, which will help you keep track of your followers to a degree. See your follower count on Instagram Insights and Overview. The analytics will tell you if you’ve seen a drop or an increase in followers. A slight loss in followers is normal. However, if you keep losing them, then something is wrong. Using follower trackers will help you stay abreast of who unfollows you and figure out how to see who you recently unfollowed on Instagram.

3.  Instagram Follower Tracking Apps: Reveal Who Unfollowed You and Who You Recently Unfollowed

There are many third-party Instagram apps, such as Follow Cop or FollowMeter, that you may download and connect your Instagram account to one, and it will send you a notification when someone unfollows. This Instagram unfollow notification will also show you who unfollowed you specifically. With that said, these apps can vary in quality. Some work well, while others have issues or are designed to steal your data. Always read reviews before using.

What Are Some Other Reasons People Are Unfollowing You?

When you see an Instagram unfollow rise, you may wonder if it’s your fault. It could be, but it may also depend on several circumstances.

A Person Deleted Their Account

Sometimes, it’s not you; it’s them. A person may not want to use Instagram anymore and decide to delete their account. If you receive a notification from a third-party app, sometimes check their profile to see if they are active. If their profile says “user not found” or is blank, chances are they deactivated their account or deleted it.

They Blocked You

If you see a notification that someone has unfollowed you and you visit their profile via your account and don’t see it, try to use another account or log out. If it’s there, then they probably blocked you. Some third-party apps will tell you if they blocked you as well. Don’t take it too personally; sometimes, someone will block another user for minor reasons.

Could It Be a Glitch?

In some cases, an Instagram unfollow increase could be a glitch. Instagram is a stable platform, but sometimes, you may see a drop in followers when no one has unfollowed you. Check again later, as the glitch may have been resolved.

Instagram Deleted Their Account

Finally, the Instagram app may have deleted their account. If their account violated the ToS or was inactive, there may have been an account purge. This could especially be the case if they engaged in suspicious activity or posted something against Instagram’s ToS.


To conclude, it is possible to use several apps and methods to see who is unfollowing you. If you see a drop in followers, consider the content you post and if you need to expand or tighten your niche. Or you simply need to post more Instagram Reels. Those always work to grow followers. With that said, while knowing who has unfollowed you is essential, do not sweat every single lost follower.

You will encounter unfollows in any way. Maybe they no longer find your content fitting, or perhaps they are doing a followers purge and are only following accounts they are close to. Again, if you see a massive drop, it could be a cause for concern. But if you are mostly engaging new followers and only a few drop occasionally, consider that a win. We hope this article was helpful in learning more about how to see who unfollowed you on Instagram.

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