6 Ways to Make Jigsaw Puzzles Fun and Challenging

Jigsaw puzzles are an enjoyable and good value hobby that is also beneficial to your brain! They develop excellent logical and structural reasoning abilities. Additionally, they’re a great family pastime, especially during the long winter nights.

There are several techniques you can employ to

solve puzzles more quickly and with less annoyance. Here are a few advice and tips.

  1. Place the picture-side-up on each piece.
  2. Sort the components into groups.
  3. Put the border together.
  4. Sort groups, colours, and patterns to assemble.
  5. Keep an eye out for piece shapes.
  6. Disperse it.

Let me tell you about them in detail.

Place the picture-side-up on each piece:

Turning each piece over so the picture side is facing up should be your first action after opening the puzzle and spreading it out on a table or other flat surface.

Even while it may seem laborious, this will really make putting the piece together much simpler.

Sort the components into groups:

Start sorting the pieces as you turn them over.

It is a good idea to start dividing interior pieces into smaller piles based on what area of the problem they appear to come from after setting aside ALL edge pieces into a separate pile.

Put the border together:

You can begin putting the puzzle together once the pieces have been sorted into a few piles. Since the border determines the area you’ll be working in, it’s preferable to start there.

Again, if you’re missing a few parts, don’t worry. They’ll show up eventually.

Sort groups, colours and patterns to assemble:

Start going through your other heaps after that. (It’s a good idea to allocate one pile per one to two persons if you’re working on the puzzle with family or friends.) In order to prevent getting discouraged too soon and giving up, we typically start with the simple tasks. The house and foreground in the sample mountain landscape puzzle mentioned above are probably the easiest parts.

Keep an eye out for piece shapes:

The piece’s shape is another critical aspect to consider. Jigsaw puzzle pieces are available in six basic shapes, with combinations ranging from zero “knobs” and four “holes” to four knobs and zero holes. The more skilled you are, the easier it will be for you to determine at a glance whether a particular piece has even the remotest possibility of fitting where you want it to.

Disperse it:

I already mentioned how enjoyable jigsaw puzzles are for families. However, it’s crucial to make sure that you lay out the jigsaw puzzle on a sizable table or other flat surface for the sake of family unity. It must be large enough so that no one bumps into each other while attempting to put the puzzle together or blocks the light of others.

By using these tips, you can make your puzzles more enjoyable.

There are many puzzles that you can play online.

HD puzzle game:

HD Puzzle Game offers thousands of high-definition images in a variety of collections, including those of stunning sites, delicious foods, fascinating people, incredible works of art, and adorable animals. You can play up to hundreds of pieces and freely select from 4 different difficulty levels. With the coin system, you have more enjoyment. Play, collect cash, and open up additional no-cost puzzle games! Find challenging puzzle games by trying Mystery Puzzles. It’s a soothing and peaceful app in addition to a memory game.

You can get daily Riddles Every day, get a free puzzle,can put yourself to the test by completing unfinished images,coin-based system Play, collect coins, and open up fresh puzzles.

You should try it.

I’m a Puzzle:

Things are different now than they were in the days of crumpled cardboard and misplaced pieces. Every jigsaw puzzle you’ll ever need is included in I’m a Puzzle from Unwind Media, and it’s all perfectly preserved digitally.

To begin, there are already a huge number of puzzles. Following their classification into groups like Holidays, Animals, and Places, they are divided into subgroups, such as, for instance, Christmas, Cats, and Brazil.

The remainder of the multiverse is also covered in the Other section, as if that weren’t enough.

You can also add your own images to I’m a Puzzle, which you can then share with others via the usual channels or by attaching them to an email that you send to friends and other dialectologists. As a result, there are an absurdly large number of puzzles.

There are other options as well, letting you see the picture you’re attempting to build, conceal everything but the borders and corners of the pieces, or even fix the problem.

You should definitely try this one.

Washington Post Online Jigsaw Puzzle:

Jigsaw puzzles are created by professionals in the field! It feels exactly like the real thing to sort your pieces, move them around on the board, and fill in the edges! As you find the solution to each image, unwind and feel the tension leaving your body. Only right now, you may bring the puzzle wherever you go! To ensure a high level of quality, we carefully select each image.

In this puzzle,you can create your own unique puzzles using your own photos,use your tablet or phone to play and with this puzzle, you may unwind your brain anywhere. You should definitely have a try .


I hope you’ve liked these tips and that they’ll make it easier for you to build even the trickiest puzzles.

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