Advanced Micro Device

AMD released the Athlon CPU in 2000, which was meant to run Microsoft’s Windows operating system. AMD became the first firm to develop a 1-GHz (gigahertz) microprocessor with the debut of the Athlon CPU

Microprocessor: A microprocessor is a small electronic device that contains the essential arithmetic, logic, and control circuitry to perform the duties of a digital computer’s central processing unit.

Memory sticks: Computers and other electronic equipment employ flash memory as a data storage medium. Flash memory, unlike prior kinds of data storage, is an EEPROM

Device with a semi-conductor Electronic circuit component built of a substance that is neither a good conductor nor an excellent insulator (hence semiconductor).

Electronic characteristics Single crystal semiconductor materials are those in which the atoms are organised in a three-dimensional periodic pattern.

The p-n intersection A p-n junction is generated when the kind of impurity changes abruptly from acceptors (p-type) to donors (n-type) inside a single crystal structure

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