AMD EPYC ‘Genoa’ Zen 4

Only two of the twelve CCDs are included in this arrangement, making it an entry-level model. It will have 12 Zen 4 CCDs, each with eight cores

This sample is either the OPN 100-000000627-08 (ES0) or OPN 100-000000627-12 (ES1) version, according to ExecutableFix.

These are just a few of the OPNs that have been reported by an insider, but the 96 Core and 32 Core OPNs have also been reported

As of this writing, the CPU is drawing in at just over 200W, and it has the ability to boost its clock speed to a maximum 3.7 GHz

A 16-core version with above 4.0 GHz clock rates is expected in the final product line.

EPYC Genoa docs reveal that the 16-core part will be available in five chiplet configurations, each having four partially disabled Zen 4 CCD cores, a 195W total power consumption

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