Apple is Currently Working on Its New AI Healthcare Service


             April 27, 2023

People say that Apple is working on a health advice service that will use artificial intelligence to help people work out, eat better, and sleep better.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg says that the project is being worked on by several teams at Apple. The secret name for the project is “Quartz.”

The company is reportedly developing a new artificial intelligence-powered health coaching service and technology for tracking emotions.

Teams in these groups are working on AI, health, and Siri. 

People say that Apple is also working on a way to keep track of how you feel, and this year, the iPhone Health app will be available on the iPad.

Apple has also added a number of tools that can help people keep an eye on their hearing health and protect it

This service is designed to help users stay motivated to exercise, improve their eating habits, and sleep better.

With Apple’s new Investigator Support Program, scientists can use Apple Watch gadgets to learn more about the heart.

Apple Watch is said to have heart health features like alerts for high and low heart rates, cardio fitness,

Alerts for irregular heartbeats, an ECG app, and a history of atrial fibrillation (AFib).

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