Apple’s Newest Homegrown Chips

After releasing the next-generation M2 CPUs for MacBook notebooks, Apple is in a position to capture market share from Microsoft Windows.

 In order to encourage businesses to convert to Apple hardware, Adobe, Microsoft, and other app makers have made their applications compatible with Apple’s.

In the wake of Apple’s announcement of its next-generation in-house CPUs for laptops on Monday, Microsoft’s profitable Windows business may face new competition.

Apple’s computer business has been gaining steam since the corporation began offering Macs equipped with its own M1 processors towards the end of 2020

According to Gartner’s forecasts, Apple will hold 7.9 percent of worldwide PC shipments by operating system in 2021, while Windows will hold 81.8 percent

According to Kitagawa, a new forecast will be released in the next few weeks that will show an improvement in Apple’s performance.

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