Arm Cortex X3 Vc Cortex A715

Arm’s Cortex-X3 high-performance CPU core follows on from the Cortex-X2 and X1 generations

According to Arm, the Cortex-X3 outperforms the Cortex-X2 by 11% when using the identical process, clock speed, and cache configuration

However, when we take into account the predicted improvements from the transition to 3nm manufacturing methods, this gain rises to 25%

With up to a 34% increase in performance over a mid-tier Intel i7-1260P, Arm expects the core to reach even further into the laptop market

Just like its predecessor, the Cortex-X3 is based on Arm’s 64-bit AArch64 architecture

it uses the same Armv9 architecture as the Cortex-X2, the Cortex-X3 is backwards-compatible with the Cortex-X2.

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