Asus ProArt Adds a Pro OLED Monitor Which Looks Impressive

05 January 2023

While OLED desktop monitors are slowly entering the mainstream, professional models have lagged behind.

This 4K monitor has the usual OLED benefits, such as accurate colours, high contrast, and complete coverage of the P3 colour space.

Asus claims that their monitors have a Delta E of less than 1. There is a Thunderbolt 4 port, among other connectors.

This monitor is only rated for 700 nits peak brightness in an HDR 10% window, so it's probably not the best option for bright HDR video mastering.

Similar to HP's DreamColor displays, the PC32DCM comes with calibration software that can also be used to synchronise and manage colour calibration across multiple locations.

ProArt Color Center also supports remote calibration through its convenient scheduling and management features.

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