Best RTX 3050 laptop

You can get a low-end, but nonetheless RTX 30-Series, graphics card, and Intel’s 12th-generation processors are starting to make an appearance.

These days, you can get a cheap setup for as little as $700, so those of you looking for a cheap entry-level machine should definitely take advantage of the current price cuts

We can help with that. We have been keeping tabs on gaming laptop bargains for years, so we recognise a good price when we see one.

Every week, we update this page with the newest models, and here you’ll find our top recommendations for the greatest RTX 3050 laptop bargains

But RTX 3080 laptops and RTX 3070 laptops can cost a lot, so if you’re okay with a slight reduction in frames per second (fps), you can find some great value a bit lower on the pricing scale

That’s great news for anyone who want to experience the game’s ray tracing and stunning visuals but don’t have the dough to spring for the higher refresh rate

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