CarPlay iOS 16

Multi-stop itineraries will soon be possible thanks to a major update from Apple. You may map out a route that starts at your house and ends at a petrol station

Before being delivered to your iPhone, these routes can be built on your Mac using macOS Ventura. CarPlay does not provide turn-by-turn directions for any of these routes as of this beta release

On the CarPlay interface, there is a “change” button if the message has to be changed.

Apple updates its CarPlay app catalogue from time to time, adding new categories of apps that are compatible with the system.

When using CarPlay apps, navigation and audio apps are the most common categories, with only a limited number of additional categories available

Starting in late 2023, CarPlay will be available on all of your car’s displays. At the moment, it’s restricted to the primary centre console display and the middle instrument cluster navigation direction

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