Crypto Coin CHAINLINK  Price Prediction

For 2022 The coin is currently trading at a price close to $ 27. Wallet Investor estimates the price could reach $ 48.9 by mid-year. At Digital Coin, the outlook for the coin is a bit more restrained at $ 43.12 per coin.

For 2023 The token does not have strong competitors, in 2023 it is likely to reach a new all-time high, approaching $ 59. The minimum estimated price is about $ 32.

For 2024 The price will remain at around $ 33. If the uptrend continues, it could reach the $ 79 mark, but by the end of 2024 the price is likely to return to the $ 33-37 range.

For 2025 LINK’s price progress is highly dependent on the behavior of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Analysts are rather restrained in assessing the prospects for the coin and consider the most likely price at $ 48.

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