Change Steam Password

Step 1. Now first log into your Steam account using your Steam username and password.

Step 2. Select Settings from the dropdown pop up

Step 3. Tap on the Steam menu at the top right corner of the interface, and choose Settings from the drop-down pop up

Step 4. Now click on t Change Password from the settings dialogue box

Step 5. Here the Steam settings dialogue box will appear, showing your account name, contact email, VAC status, and security status.

Step 6. Click the Change Password button immediately. Now the next dialogue box will appear, with a prompt saying how you would like to change your password.

Step 7. Select to send an account verification code to your email. – Supposing that you still have access to the listed email address, tap on Email an account verification code.

Step 8. Now enter the verification code that you have got into the form field. Now check your email for the verification code from Steam. Next, enter this code into the next screen and select continue.

Step 9. Then enter your new password twice into the form fields to confirm and select Change password.

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