Check if Your PC Supports ShadowPlay


             May 2,  2023

This article has been updated for the year 2020 to reflect the current state of knowledge on ShadowPlay (now called NVIDIA Share).

For further information on how to use it with the most recent versions of NVIDIA’s software, please refer to the aforementioned instructions.

For posterity’s sake, we’ve kept these original ShadowPlay instructions for use with earlier releases.

If you’re looking for a list of NVIDIA graphics cards that are ShadowPlay compatible, you can find one on the NVIDIA website.

Nonetheless, if your PC is equipped with NVIDIA hardware, you can simply check there.

Launch the “GeForce Experience” programme from the Start menu to do this. Install NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience programme if it hasn’t already been done.

upgrades your NVIDIA graphics drivers, optimises your game settings with a single click, and allows you to broadcast your games directly from your computer.

To see if your PC can run the application, go to the “My Rig” section of the menu and choose the “ShadowPlay” option.

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