Check Out The New Resident Evil Skins Released By Fortnite!


             March 13, 2023

Fortnite Launched New Resident Evil Skins

It looks like Resident Evil and Fortnite will work together again, since two of the most popular characters from the popular survival horror franchise have been leaked as new skins for Fortnite. The first time Resident Evil and Fortnite worked together was in October 2021, when players could buy Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield skins from the game’s shop.

Fortnite is quickly becoming one of the most popular and influential multiplayer video games of all time. One of the biggest reasons for this is that Fortnite has worked with other big franchises, like Star Wars, DC Comics, and Street Fighter, to make new content. The collaborations bring in new players who might not have been interested in the battle royale game otherwise.

They do this by always adding new, interesting content to the game. Most of the time, these partnerships lead to new skins, items, and game modes that are based on the partnering property. This can cause a lot of noise and excitement among players.

ShiinaBR, a well-known Fortnite leaker on Twitter, posted a picture of what appears to be Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy, two more Resident Evil characters who will soon be joining the Battle Royal Island. The skins seem to be based on how Leon and Claire looked in Resident Evil 2, since Leon wears his signature Blue Henley and Claire wears her signature red vest.

It’s possible that these skins will come out at the same time as the remake of Resident Evil 4, which is scheduled to come out on March 24. We don’t yet know if these Fortnite x Resident Evil skins will be unlocked through the in-game item shop or through a set of challenges like the last Witcher collaboration, where players could unlock Geralt of Rivia by completing a series of fun quests as long as they had bought that Season’s Battle Pass.

Another project with Resident Evil could be a great way to bring two popular series together and make new and exciting content for Fortnite. But the long-awaited release of Chapter 4 Season 2 of the game will include another epic crossover with the popular Attack on Titan anime, as players will be able to unlock the skin of Eren Yeager, the main character of the show.

It’s clear that the ongoing partnerships in Fortnite are very important for a free-to-play game that makes money through small purchases or microtransactions. Fortnite collaborations often come out around the same time as other games, so a new one with Resident Evil would be a great idea for March.

After all, on March 24, a new version of Resident Evil 4 will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Leon first showed up in Resident Evil 2, but he may be best known for his role in Resident Evil 4, where he was the only character you could play as. Resident Evil 4 is one of the most popular games in the series, and Leon’s appearance in Fortnite might make people who haven’t played it yet want to check it out and see what all the fuss is about.

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