Connect Epson Printer to My Computer and Laptop Instantly

Step 1. Move to the Epson support page and choose the printer. Then you can choose the manuals and press start here.

Step 2. Then download as well install the setup utility, Now you have to agree to the End-user License Agreement, And then press on next.

Step 3. Then select the install option. Tap on Finish. Then choose the printer and select Next. Simply, Then you have to register your printer

Step 4. – Then select the Next button. – Choose the Agree for the terms and press Next. – After getting the message “Register a printer to Epson connect message”. – Select OK.

Step 5. – After creating a new account or using an old one select Finish. – Then select close.

Step 6. – It is suggested to activate a scan to the cloud and the remote print services further.

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