Destiny 2 Review

Dominus Ghaul, the game’s villain, earns our rage from the get-go, stealing everything we’d worked so hard to achieve in the first game and its expansions

When it comes to attacking Ghaul, Zavala (Lance Reddick) is unyielding, but Ikora (Gina Torres) appears distressed and on the verge of giving up

As a result, both new and returning players alike have a compelling motive to ascend the Light-level based power ladder

Fun objectives set in eye-catching environments, notably the exhilarating penultimate adventure, kept me going through the game.

An exhilarating soundtrack supports fast-paced missions, then transitioning to a sombre tone.

A wide variety of challenges awaits us along the way, including Public Events, PvP (player vs. player) in the Crucible, world bosses roaming free.

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