Discord Rolls Out Its Own AI Chatbot On The Clyde Bot!


          March 11, 2023

Discord Introduces Its Own AI Chatbot: Clyde Bot

Discord is now using OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to turn its Clyde bot into a chatbot that can talk.

 Clyde chatbot will be available to Discord users for free next week during a public test in a small number of servers with Discord alpha users.

Clyde can talk to people because OpenAI has a big language model, just like Bing’s new Chatbot.

You call Clyde, tell him you want to use him on your server and in your group, and then you can talk to him like you would with ChatGPT. 

Clyde won’t just start talking in a group chat, but if someone else does, he can join in.

Clyde is easy to turn off, just like everything else on Discord.

Next week, Clyde will get a new AI. At the moment, the Clyde bot gives information, like server error messages.

Clyde will now be able to answer all kinds of questions from users, just like OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot. 

 The AI-powered feature will group chats into topics so that users can easily find out more about what interests them most.

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