Everything Know About The Rise Of Poker Gaming


            March 11, 2023

The digital evolution of poker

Visiting a land based casino venue is no longer necessary for playing a game of poker, you can experience all the fun of the game at home or any location of your choosing by playing online. Online poker has exploded in popularity over the last decade; ten years ago there were approximately six million online players and this has since grown to around 100 million players globally today.

The role of AI in online poker

Artificial intelligence has many uses in the modern poker game. For instance, AI programs can be utilised to analyse a player’s gaming behaviour and help to create a strategy that improves their chances of success. AI can even be used to predict what the opponent is most likely to do next based on the available data and allow the player to adjust their next moves accordingly.

VR in poker

Poker game developers are always looking for new ways to give poker players new, improved experiences. VR poker is an emerging interest in the online poker world and the early adopters are already testing out new VR games. VR headsets have been around for a while and are already used in a range of console games. Virtual reality poker has a number of benefits, it merges the convenience of playing online with the experience and excitement of being in a casino venue.

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