Google Bard Update Enhances Source Content Visibility

Google has released an update to Bard, its AI-driven chatbot, which includes improvements to its summarization capabilities and improved visibility of source content.

Enhancements To Summaries


Bard's latest update is tuned to produce more concise summaries, which is beneficial for users looking for a quick topic overview. Krawczyk said this is especially helpful when looking for the gist of a topic quickly.

Greater Visibility For Source Content


Today's Bard update enables users to more easily identify and navigate to the source of information used in a response. It also makes sources more useful by allowing users to identify the section of the text that matches the source and navigate to it.

Increased source attribution transparency is another important step in the direction of responsible AI deployment and the battle against false information.

Increased source attribution

Google has removed the waitlist for Bard and is now offering the service in more countries and languages, with more expected to be added soon. This follows Google's announcement at last week's I/O developer conference.

Removed the Waitlist

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