Google Fiber in 5 new cities

Google Fiber CEO Dinni Jain said those states, along with existing metro areas, will be the company’s primary growth targets over the next few years

Mesa, Arizona, and Colorado Springs, Colorado will soon be receiving Google Fiber’s gigabit fibre connection, as was previously reported

With the approval of Google Fiber’s proposal in July, Mesa became the first city in Arizona to offer the service.

Jain, formerly the COO of Time Warner Cable and since 2018 the CEO of Google Fiber, claims that the company has been hard at work “behind the scenes

Google Fiber’s head of product management, Raja Jain, said that the company was ready to “add a little bit more build velocity” in order to expand the service to 22 metropolitan regions

With the launch of Google Fiber in 5 new states in 2012, the search giant intended to challenge established players in the US broadband industry

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