How to Avoid Scam While Exchanging BTC to XMR?

Cryptocurrency market scams


Price manipulation

Online brokers often manipulate prices to show investors the best deals, which can lead to losses of capital. To avoid this, it is important to choose a good broker and be aware of the services and fees applied.

Investing  with a guaranteed income

super-profitable investments through an “experienced manager”, “celebrity,” or “large well-known firm”, etc. Depending on the scheme, it happens that the first payment is stolen. But sometimes, they give you a little money, prompting you to invest more.

Inflated profitability

Investments in new promising coins or tokens.  Another more effective trick to lure you into a copy-trading scam is numbers. The fact is that you will see huge numbers to the extent that you will be attracted.


obtaining private keys from crypto wallets using deceptive schemes. Usually, for this purpose, scammers create a copy of a well-known crypto wallet or crypto exchange. Investors use real data from their crypto wallet, and all funds fall to scammers.

ICO Scam

scammers attract investors’ funds by promising to issue extremely promising tokens. After fundraising, they terminate the project or launch a platform that does not meet the original conditions and promises. The colossal ICO boom was in 2017-2018.

Pump & Dump

Scammers use advertising and tokens associated with popular content to artificially increase the cryptocurrency exchange rate, leading to a price collapse and depreciation of cryptocurrencies.

Time-limited Offers

In order for potential depositors to fulfill the requirements of scammers faster, the latter report that the high yield offer is limited in time and a decision must be made within hours or even minutes.

Minimum amount of Documentation

The minimum amount of technical information about the project can be indicated on the scam. Any really promising project will have a significant amount of documents, and an audit should be conducted in the case of an ICO.

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