How to Block a Number on iPhone, Facetime, Email, Messages

Phone: In the Recents tab, locate the phone number or contact you want to block, then tap the I button next to the option. At the bottom of the screen, select Block This Caller and confirm your decision.

FaceTime: To ban a contact, phone number, or email address, tap the I next to it. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press Block This Caller to confirm your decision

Email Address: Open the discussion and tap on the contact at the top of the screen to send a message. Then press on the name, phone number, or email address after selecting the “i.” A Block this Caller button will appear at the bottom of the page; tap it and confirm.

Text: Open the message with the person you want to block, tap the email address you want to block, and then select Block this Contact.

Gmail:  If you use Gmail or Outlook instead of Apple’s Mail, blocking someone in Mail will have no effect on their messages showing up in your inbox.

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