How to Cancel Apple Subscriptions

Subscription models have been increasingly popular in recent years due to the many advantages they provide to both app creators and users

Subscription-based models are popular with consumers because they provide unlimited access to a service’s content for a low monthly fee that may be cancelled at any time

It’s hardly surprising that Apple’s App Store is packed with apps that require in-app subscriptions given the many advantages the subscription business model provides for both app developers and customers

Apple News+ is one such programme that requires a paid subscription in order to function, while other services, like Spotify Premium and Hulu Plus

It doesn’t matter which Apple subscription you sign up for; in the following section, you’ll learn how to manage your Apple subscriptions across your iOS devices, Mac, and TV.

Cancelling an Apple subscription is as simple as a few taps or clicks on the same device used to sign up. Apple’s membership service doesn’t have you jump through any hoops, and if anything isn’t to your liking, you may get your money back.

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