How to Download Apple WatchOS 9

Apple Watch is far and away the best fitness tracker. The only downside perhaps (besides the battery life) is that Apple’s health software has historically been somewhat lacking

If features like measuring stride length and vertical oscillation work as intended, they could easily turn the Apple Watch into the best running watch and best watch for endurance athletes, period

WatchOS 9 can be updated using an iPhone, but an Apple Watch is required for installation. 

For either option, it’s essential that your iPhone is online and running iOS 16, and that your Apple Watch has at least half a charge (at least).

If you have an iPhone and want to check for software updates for your watch, launch the Apple Watch app and go to the My Watch menu.

Then go to Settings and select the option to update the software. Once the update has started, you’ll see a progress wheel appear on your Apple Watch

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