How to Edit Pdf File

Step1: – Select Preferences from the Edit menu in Acrobat. This brings up the Preferences dialogue box. (Alternatively, on Windows, press Ctrl+K, and on Mac, press Command+K.)

Step2: – Click Content Editing under Categories in the dialogue window. As shown in the screenshot below, the Font Options are presented.

Step3: – Choose a suitable font from the drop-down menus: Editor’s Fallback Font

Step4: – Font Size and Default Font for Add Text. To save your changes and close the Preferences dialogue box, click OK.

Step5: – Text can be changed, replaced, or deleted. When you alter the text in a paragraph, the text in the text box reflows to suit the changes. Each text box is self-contained, and adding text to one does not cause another text box to reflow to the next page.

Step6: – Select Tools > Edit PDF > Edit from the menu bar.

Step7: – Choose the text you want to change. When you choose a text box, it glows blue and a rotation handle appears at the top of the selected text box.

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