How to find mac address of laptop using command prompt

This is the quickest way we’ve found to retrieve the MAC addresses of any and all network adapters installed in Windows, whether physical or virtual.

Initiate a session in the Windows Command Prompt, PowerShell, or Terminal. Then, press the Enter key after typing the command getmac

If you run the getmac command, you’ll get a list of your network adapters, each with their unique MAC address in the Physical Address column

It’s a bummer that the command doesn’t show “friendly” names for the adapters, making it harder to identify them apart.

It is important to keep in mind that the getmac command will only provide the MAC addresses of active network adapters.

If you have access to PowerShell (or a PowerShell tab in Windows Terminal), you can also quickly determine your MAC address by typing the following command and pressing Enter.

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