How to Fix “Message Blocking is Active”?

1: Make Sure the Network is Connected

Step 1: Restart Your Device Step 2: Check Signal Strength Step 3: Turn on the Airplane Mode Step 4: Turn off the Airplane Mode after some time

Check Message Settings on your device. Find tools to block texts or put them in order. Call your Service Provider if you need help. They can tell you how to check and change any settings on their end that keep texts from going through.

2: Verify Message Blocking Settings

3: Update Messaging App and Operating System

The most important details are to update the Messaging App and the System Software. To update the Messaging App, open the Google Play Store or App Store and click "Update" next to it. To update the System Software, go to the Settings menu and click "Software Update" or "System Update".

Step 1: Clear the App's Cache Go to the menu where your gadget can be set up and find the app you use for talking. Tap "Storage" or "Storage Usage" and click "Clear Cache". Step 2: Clear the App's Aata Repeat the steps above to change how much space the chat app can use. If asked, agree to the move. You will lose any saved texts or settings if you delete the app's data.

4: Clear App Cache and Data

5: Disable Third-Party Apps

The most important details are to restart in safe mode, test messaging functionality, and remove any app that looks sketchy. To do this, press and hold the power button and tap “Restart” on the power settings screen.

In safe mode, only the apps that came with the device will work, and third-party apps will be disabled for a short time. To get out of safe mode, go to the “Apps” or “Applications” part of the Settings menu and check the list of apps loaded.

6: Contact Service Provider Support

If none of these fixes the “Message Blocking is Active” problem, you should call your service provider’s support team for more help. They know how to fix network problems and can help you in a way that makes sense for your device and the way your network is set up.

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