How to Fix the “Website Not Secure” Error in Chrome?

Method 1: Install an SSL Certificate

The first and most important step to getting rid of the “Not Secure” message is to install a legal SSL certificate on your website. SSL certificates come in many different forms,

After installing an SSL certificate, it is important to set up a website so that all HTTP traffic is quickly sent to HTTPS (secure). This can be done by making changes to the website's setup file or using apps and tools. All links on the website should also lead to the HTTPS version, making the browsing experience uniform and safe.

Method 2: Type HTTP Instead of HTTPS

Method 3: Keep Your Internal Resources Up-to-date

The "Not Secure" message can appear if your website has information or tools that are not secure. To fix this issue, make sure all private files are served over HTTPS and replace any HTTP URLs with their HTTPS equivalents. This will prevent users from getting warnings about mixed content and make it easier for them to browse.

Mixed content is a problem where a website has parts that load over HTTPS and parts that load from HTTP sources. To fix this, check each page of the website for any parts or files that load over HTTP, change the URLs of these sites to use HTTPS, and be aware of any integrations or apps from third parties that might add mixed content.

Method 4: Check to See if the Content is Diverse

Method 5: Implement HSTS

HSTS is a security method that tells computers that they can only connect to a website using HTTPS. To use it, you need to add an HSTS tag to your website's server configuration. This message tells the computer how long it should force HTTPS connections to your website, reducing the chance of downgrade attacks.

Method 6: Upgrade External Links and Embeds

Go through your website and change external links, embeds, and internal tools to ensure they support HTTPS. Replace any HTTP links with HTTPS links, and check with providers or platforms to ensure the connection is safe and works well.

Why SSL Certificates Are Important?

SSL certificates make it impossible for people to read the information sent between a user's computer and a website, preventing them from stealing private information. They also verify the authenticity of a website, making it easier for users to trust each other and increase their search engine ranking. This could lead to more publicity and organic traffic.

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