How to install kodi on firestick

– The Amazon Fire TV/Stick is a popular media player. – Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and many more popular streaming video services are all supported.

– However, hardly nothing is free. Subscription fees are really high, yet they’re worth it to watch your favourite shows and movies.

To activate Airplane mode, swipe down from the screen’s top right to reveal the Control Center and then select the appropriate option. To restore wireless connectivity, wait a moment and then hit the button again.

A simple restart of your iPhone may also solve the problem. In addition to fixing any temporary issues with the wireless network software, this will also fix any issues with the Messages app and other background services

If you’ve already tried everything else on this list, and still no Android users are receiving your SMS, resetting your iPhone’s network settings may be your last choice

Therefore, this tutorial has covered everything you need to know to fix the “iPhone won’t send messages to non-iPhone” issue. If the problem still persists after attempting the aforementioned steps,

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