How to Prepare for a Lost, Stolen or Broken Smartphone?

Basic Safety Measures

Lock the screen with a strong PIN and face/palm recognition, and turn on location services to help find it if lost. Change how apps can use your location in privacy settings.

Turn on Remote Tracking

The Find My Device tool on Android and iOS allows users to track their phones from the web or another device. It can be turned on in Settings by going to "Security & Location" or "Settings" and tapping "Your Name," then "Your iPhone." Users can also go to their Google Account or iCloud page to find out where their phone was last seen.

Protect the Lock Screen

It is important to protect your phone's lock screen in some way, such as with a PIN, pattern, fingerprint, or face. This can be found in the Android Settings or iOS Settings under "Security & Location".

Back-Up Your Data

The most important details are that you should save a copy of your information somewhere else, and that you can do this with apps and the way your phone works. To do this, tap System, Advanced, and Backup on your Android device's Settings menu and tap iCloud Backup if iCloud is turned on.

Other Preventive Measures

Phone insurance can cover your phone if it gets lost, stolen, or broken. To make it more likely to get your phone back, add an email address or other phone number to the lock screen. Set up other ways to get online before you lose your phone, such as a second phone number or backup codes.

Insurance Options

Buying insurance or an extended guarantee for a phone can provide benefits like help 24 hours a day, low-cost repairs, and same-day replacements for broken phones. Be sure to read the warranty or policy carefully before getting it. Popular plans include AppleCare, Google Preferred Care, and Samsung Care+.

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