How to Select all Photos in Google Photos

How to select all photos in google photos, Sharing, downloading, and storing your images is a breeze with Google Photos. Your most cherished memories are just a click away.

Google Photographs, as one of the most widely used photo-sharing and storage services, understands the value of a feature that lets users pick all photos in a set with a single click.

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One popular method for managing Google Photos albums is on a computer. You can’t choose all of the pictures at once with a single keyboard shortcut like Ctrl + A. However, there are a few methods available via the computer’s input devices.

1. Bring up Google Images. 2. Simply tap the white checkbox in the upper left corner of the desired image to select it. The checkmark will become blue to indicate your selection.

3. The last picture will be selected if you scroll down to it, hold down the Shift key, then click it. You’ll see a uniform blue tint throughout all of the chosen images. 4. In the top left corner of the page, you’ll see a number indicating how many images have been picked

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