How to Turn on Noise Canceling on Airpods 2

To activate noise cancellation on your AirPods 2, open the Settings app and navigate to Bluetooth > the information icon next to AirPods 2.

Press and hold the AirPods’ stem until the mode changes to “Noise Cancelling” to activate the feature.

The AirPods Pro, with their built-in Noise Control capabilities, provide an excellent audio experience

Touching the AirPods together activates the noise cancellation feature. For this, press and hold the stem of one AirPod

Keep holding until you hear a bell. When you choose between Noise Cancellation, Transparency, and Off, you’ll hear a distinct tone to indicate your selection.

To activate noise cancellation, you can utilise Siri as well. It’s easy to engage Siri and activate noise cancellation by saying, “Siri, turn it on.”

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